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Mar 2018

Roy Zimmerman ReZists!

Political folksinger Roy Zimmerman brought his ReZist tour to the UUSM sanctuary on Sunday, February 11, with performances at both worship services, and a community fundraiser that filled the church that evening. Zimmerman’s songs, available on YouTube, iTunes, and CD, speak to the issues facing our country, including gun violence and marriage equality. The Rev. Greg Ward made Roy Zimmerman the beneficiary of the newly-inaugurated Entrepreneurial Ministry Project, to recognize “inspired individuals following an entrepreneurial call to cast a vision, call out shared values, wake people up, and get people involved in changing the world.” 

Spirit of the Sixties: Then and Now

Photojournalist and peace activist Francesco Da Vinci will offer a talk and multimedia presentation about his struggle as a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War, hosted by the Peace & Social Justice Committee on Saturday, March 3, at 5 pm in the sanctuary. He is currently producing a documentary film about his story, the lessons of the 1960s, and how they can be applied to today’s divided America. Discussion will follow the presentation.

James Witker

Valentine's Day Protest












On Valentine’s Day, UUSM members joined CLUE organizers, clergy, and other community supporters to walk the picket line with workers at the JW Marriott Le Merigot hotel as they continue their struggle for fair treatment. The day concluded with an Ash Wednesday blessing at the shore.