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Nov 2017

Stories That Gather Us Together, Seeking Light

Dear Friends,
Isaiah 9:2-3
The people who have walked in darkness have seen a great light. Those who lived in a land of deep darkness, on them light has shined. You have multiplied the nation, you have increased its joy. They rejoice before as with joy at the harvest.
It’s December again. The time of the year it becomes a little darker, a little colder. Many of us find this hard and try to coax the light to stay… sing some carols… eat gingerbread men… think of imminent presents. The traditional Nickelodeon fantasy of Christmas.
It dawns on me that this year the holiday tidings may not deck my December halls like the Rockwell / Kincaid picture promises. But I’m not complaining.
It’s been almost 50 years since I made extraordinary efforts to be good for the whole month so that I might get everything I wanted; 50 years since I could make a list of all I wanted, drop it in the mail, and await my bounty.
A few weeks ago, I stood outside the church and watched the moon rise. The light illuminated the Garden of Eternity. I watched people walk through the courtyard and come into the church. They looked up and smiled. Two more made their way to the side door.
One of the old stories I cherish is the one with the three Magi who left the comfort of their kingdoms to seek hope in a chaotic time. I thought about it as I watched another couple walk through the front doors. And then two more. They all went into the church.
Another story of the season that I love is the one where people of a community fight hard to keep opposing forces from stealing what, to them, is sacred. They gather together beside diminishing fires, hoping the only oil they have will be enough to last them into a new age. I see several more cars park. People get out, wait for each other and then walk over to the church.
Another story: one of peoples who gather together amidst encroaching darkness, hoping for new light. I watch as a final car pulls in and I imagine that there are rooms in the church filled with many people, and it is warm.
For 20 minutes I watched people walk through the darkness to the church with its lights on. I reflected on the wonder and trepidation the Magi carried. And what the Macabees hoped. To summon hope by coming together. That must be the spirit of the solstice.
I believe that everything we are doing here in this community is a renewal. It isn’t about getting presents for pretending to be good. Not lists of good and bad. We are looking out on a long journey. But the end of all our efforts will bring a hope more magnificent than can be remembered. It is hope for our times. That the people of our age will be able to look deep into the darkness and division and see a light. A place where it’s warm. And the doors are open. This is something to believe in. And to carry with us.
To the Glory of Life.
The Rev. Greg Ward