From Our President

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Mar 2018

Making Our Vision a Reality

The Finance Committee, the board, the staff, and numerous members are working on next year’s budget for the church.

We need your help, support, and minds.

We currently project a deficit.

This is the year we hoped to reach a balanced budget.

There is a Finance Town Hall planned to give details as we attempt to develop a budget for next year. Your attendance and participation at the Town Hall and the Annual Meeting is needed.

We also need your financial support in supporting the church in the endeavors as we attempt to make a community that addresses the needs of our church family, and our work to make the world a place that reflects our Vision and our Principles.

I strongly request that you be involved in discussions and decisions that face us. Rev. Greg has brought new possibilities to our community.

Each of us needs to be a part of that development.

Please be an active member in our work together to bring positivity to what seems to be an ever-increasingly chaotic word.

We need each other’s hearts, minds, and souls.

Please join in.

Ron Crane