From Our President

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Aug 2017

Revisiting Our Principles

There is a wallet sized card (printed by UUA) on the table as you enter the foyer.

It lists our Principles and the Living Traditions we share. I strongly suggest you acquire one of these cards and carry it with you.

I carry one. I also carry an extra to give acquaintances who ask what Unitarian Universalists believe.
When I have a few moments, I review these Principles and take an evaluation of how I’m doing on each. I also ask myself which ones I need to give more awareness and effort.
As we are nearing the welcoming of a new minister it behooves us to do some preparation.
Let us prepare ourselves in mind and spirit to utilize our Principles as an impetus to begin anew what we strive to become.
Welcome Rev. Greg!
Welcome to each of you as you learn more about yourself and learn more about each other.
As a beginning, try our first Principle:
"We covenant to affirm
and promote:
The inherent worth and
dignity of every Person.”
Don’t forget to include yourself as one of those persons."
Ron Crane