From Our President

Dedicated to educating our fellow members and greater community about how to help our Earth be healthier by living greener and healthier lives.

Nov 2017




It is a Season of Thanksgiving. Our Community is moving forward.

Change of attitude and heart has sprouted among us.

During this season, please look to enactment of our principles and look forward to what we may mod el in a world fraught with anxiety and turmoil.
The first action any of us may take is to give thanks to each and all of our community for the wondrous world we may promote by practicing our principles with each other.
Give through your actions and through your financial contribution to forwarding our vision with an appreciation for what you each bring, in heart, in soul, in mind, in money, and in caring I thank each of you.
Thank you for being here. Thank you for your smiles and hugs. Thank you for your voice in sharing what you deeply believe. Thank you for your participation. Thank you for searching your inner self and finding new ways to view one another.
Ron Crane