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Mar 2018

April Newsletter Deadlines

The April 2018 issue of the UUSM Newsletter will be published on March 27. Deadline for that issue is Thursday, March 15 at noon. Please submit announcements to Submit articles to

Rev. Greg’s Sunday Sermons Available for Purchase

The Rev. Greg Ward’s sermons are now available for purchase at the church office at $10 per publication. All proceeds will be contributed to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund to help those who are in need in our community. If you would like to order a copy of the monthly sermons you can either mail a contribution to the church or call the office and pay with a credit card and the sermons will be mailed to you. You can also stop at the office during office hours to purchase a copy.

Second Sunday Supper - CENA DI FAMIGLIA (Italian Family Dinner) hosted by the Stewardship and Membership Committees March 11 • Potluck at 6 pm • Forbes Hall

We hope you can make it to this informal, community potluck event. It has been described as, “…a chance to meet over good food, bond in conversation as we get to know one another. It is also “an opportunity to develop and deepen friendship and trust.” Bring a side dish or dessert if you can. As always, to save on waste and promote green living, we kindly ask that you bring your own plates, cups, utensils, and cloth napkins (we will have extra dishes if you cannot bring your own). Contact: Norm Richey.



UUSM’s World Religions Banners Will Soon Include Humanist Tradition

In late 2014, the UUSM board unanimously approved the addition of a banner representing Humanism to the parade of symbols on display in our historic sanctuary. Humanism is a philosophical tradition of reason and compassion; it emphasizes the responsibility of human beings to lead ethical lives that aspire to the greater good of humankind and our planet, without regard to theism or the supernatural. It traces its roots to the ancient Greeks and the Renaissance, and has been an influential and integral theology within Unitarian Universalism for at least a hundred years.

It has taken some time to move the plan for this banner from aspiration to reality. A dedicated group of us, including some who were instrumental in the design and implementation of the existing banners (thanks to Ron Crane, Joyce Holmen, David Olson, Carol Ring, Pam Teplitz, and Mark Warkentin) to identify the most appropriate design and ensure aesthetic consistency. We are happy to report that the process is nearing completion. In the next few months, the Humanist banner will join the other world religious traditions on the walls of our congregation, helping to honor and welcome the contributions of non-theists to our community of love and justice beyond belief.

James Witker

Need a Photograph for the Directory?

All church members are listed in the church directory, along with their photographs. If you are a new member, or a longtime member whose photo needs refreshing, Charles Haskell welcomes you to his home studio for your headshot. Contact Charles to set up an appointment.

Annual Reports by Committee and Program Leaders Due Soon

Each year our Annual Reports, in many voices, offer detailed perspectives on the life and times of our church. They can educate and inspire current and future members and leaders. And your committee or program deserves to be included this year with a write-up that’s due April 16.

Joyce Holmen

ARE YOU AWARE? Walking Distances Present Barriers

From cottage to sanctuary to Forbes Hall to the Mural Room to the parking structure. Up steps and stairs. And down. There is a lot of walking we may need to do at church. This is hard for some of us.

Those who find distance a challenge and come to church by car need to be able to park in the spaces behind the church on Sundays. The parking for persons with disabilities in the parking structure at 16th is too far away. Some in our community have felt burdened or stayed away due to this barrier.

You can help by looking around as you are involved in the church. Can you park in the UCLA parking structure and leave a space free near or behind the church? Do you have a need that is not being addressed? What can be done to improve access for you, or someone you know?

You can help by talking with the Disability Support Group and others in the Church about ways to improve support for persons with disabilities in our church community or by sharing your concerns and needs. Not sure whom to contact? Look for Mark Christiansen, Michael Young, Steve Young, or Sylvia Young.

Steve Young, for the Disability Support Group

The Homeless Street Care Project

There is now a donation box in Forbes Hall where you can leave items such as blankets, underwear, socks, and toiletries to fill care kits for 100 needy people. Flyers listing what we still need are available at the donation box.

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