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Oct 2017

Newsletter schedule

The next issue of the UUSM Newsletter will be published on October 31. Deadline for that issue is SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15 at noon. Submit items to:

Second Sunday Supper - October 8, 6 p.m.
Hosted by the Green Committee in Forbes Hall

Please join us for this informal, potluck dinner together with UUSM members and friends. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow congregants better! Attendees should bring a main dish, side dish, salad, or dessert to share. You can help: Join our Kitchen Cabinet and help with cooking (the day before), setup, or cleanup. You know that the most fun at any party is in the kitchen! Sign up at Children are absolutely welcome! To save on waste and promote green living, we kindly ask that you bring your own plates, cups, utensils, and cloth napkins (we will have extra dishes if you cannot bring your own). Contact: Jacki Weber,

Heart & Soul: A Contemplative Worship Service
Second Sundays 5 to 5:45 pm in the Sanctuary

Heart and Soul services are led by Rev. Kikanza NuriRobins, Joyce Holmen, and Karen Hsu Patterson. With singing and instrumental music, poetry, statements and questions, silence and sharing, we’ll explore monthly worship themes.
Sunday, October 8 – What Does It Mean to be a People of Courage?

Sunday Spotlight: Kai Landauer in Concert
Sunday, October 8, 7 pm. Sanctuary

Please join us for a special night of music with the songs of Kai Landauer. From his website, “I left Ann Arbor Michigan in 1976…From the very beginning…I have enjoyed my life here. I freed myself and my mind…I lived in the woods, pounded many nails, returned to college, got a degree, got married, survived cancer, raised a family, wrote much music, built a house, and grew in ways I never thought possible. California is my home. My music describes my California experience, defying the odds through my battle with cancer and my perception of life since.” We hope you will join us for this evening. (Click photo at left to see full size flier.)

The Worship Associates Program

Rev. Greg is using his background of teaching worship to educate and empower a group of people to help take on and expand the role of “pulpit host.” This cadre of people will learn leadership – not just in a worship setting, but how to inspire and transform people and communities. One of the main goals of this new program is to embody the diversity that is capable of providing new heart, new insight, to enlarge our understanding of 21st century realities. We are continuing with many of those who already have skill and experience in leading worship, but we want to add some new insights and energy from people who can broaden our diversity in every category – age, gender, race, class, sexuality, theology, religious or cultural history, etc. Please click on the Worship Associate Application form, or ask Rev. Greg if you are curious. He will be accepting applications for the month of October.

Annual Pipes Lecture to Feature The Rev. Judith Meyer on Nov. 5

The Pipes Lecture Committee is thrilled to bring you another fabulous weekend this year. We are excited to announce that our minister emerita, the Rev. Judith Meyer, has agreed to come for a Saturday afternoon tea on Nov. 4, and the Pipes Lecture on Sunday, Nov. 5 at 2:30 pm in the sanctuary.
The title of Rev. Meyer’s talk for the Pipes Lecture is “Falling Out: Alienation and Community in Divisive Times.” She will offer reflections on life in a red state, especially during this perilous year, and suggest ways to cope with the widening and hostile differences in our country.
Many of you will warmly remember Rev. Judith from her ministry here from 1993 to 2008. She and her husband, David Denton, will be returning to visit Santa Monica from their home in Knoxville, TN. Our minister emeritus, the Rev. Ernie Pipes, for whom the lecture series is endowed, is pleased to have Rev. Judith join us as speaker. For those of you who don’t know Rev. Judith Meyer, we expect you will share our enthusiasm when you meet and hear her.

Heart to Heart Circles: New Groups for 2018

Over the past several years, Heart to Heart Circles have become an integral part of our UUSM community. Within Heart to Heart Circles, church members have the opportunity to get to know each other beyond the role layers we present to the world each day. Heart to Heart Circles provide opportunities to share one’s self, and to develop the skill of deep listening in an atmosphere of confidentiality, openness, trust, and acceptance.
This October and November, you may sign up for Heart to Heart Circles that will be held from January through June 2018. (Next summer, we will align new groups to the church calendar year, with groups meeting from October 2018 through June 2019, and signups over the summer.)
We invite you to join a Heart to Heart Circle if you have not done so, or to return for another season of deep listening and sharing.
We also invite and encourage those who have had the Heart to Heart Circle experience to consider becoming a Heart to Heart facilitator. More information about becoming a facilitator will be announced soon.
Please visit our table during coffee hour after services in October and November to sign up and to find out more about these wonderful groups, or contact Leslie Beauvais if you have questions.
Leslie Beauvais

Kudos for OWL

The “OWL Program Takes Flight” article in UU World magazine features the organization co-founded by a UUSM member!
Among the articles featured in UU World’s Fall, 2017 section was one about the benefits of OWL (Our Whole Lives) education beyond congregational walls. The local non-profit, “More Than Sex-Ed,” co-founded by UUSM member Beth Rendeiro, was featured in the article. 
From the article: “More Than Sex-Ed: "The secular Los Angeles-based not-for-profit offers customized OWL workshops, discussions, and classes for organizations, schools, and private groups… More Than Sex-Ed has already had three contracts with Los Angeles-area schools. Through this work, the organization’s paid OWL trainers have taught students who express a range of religious views, from humanist and Buddhist to evangelical Christian.”
Congratulations Beth! More information about the organization can found at

FROM LINDA VAN LIGTEN: Volunteers Make Welcome Event a Success

Appreciations for those who came together to make the meet-and-greet a success. Because of you, this past Sunday’s first meet-and-greet with Rev. Greg was a huge success. Let me count the ways.
- Pam Teplitz and Kit Shaw coordinating the coffee, with the luncheon, helping serve both, Pam bringing watermelon, much appreciated on such a hot day.
- Wendi Gladstone, coming early, setting up, donating funds, and keeping the mimosas flowing, with a touch of mint in each cup, and helping clean up.
- Patricia Wright bringing the vegetable trays. Peggy Kharraz bringing homemade hummus and pita, in lovely serving dishes.
- Kim Miller, donating funds and orange juice, essential to the mimosas, delivered by her husband Mike Reivitis, since Kim was in choir rehearsal.
- Kathy Cook for bringing chips and dip, and helping during the luncheon.
- Rick Teplitz for helping set up.
- And the rest who kept the food and drink going, and helped clean up: Alicia Van Ooyen, Alison Kendall, Cathie Gentile, Eileen Mc Cormick, Audrey Lyness, Haygo Salibian and Sheila Cummings.
YOU ROCK ! It was a fun time in the kitchen with you all.

Caregivers’ Support Group holds its last meeting

When our Caregivers’ Support Group began meeting 17 years ago, “family caregiver” was not a common term, and those who had such responsibilities generally bore them in isolation, frustration, and confusion. Since then, many books, news stories, documentaries, websites, and organizations have become available to offer insight or assistance to folks taking care of a parent, spouse, friend, or grown child up close or across the continent. WISE services in Santa Monica now has a group for caregivers, too. Over the long years, a couple of dozen church members have benefited from having a regular opportunity to discuss their situation with those who truly know how difficult things can be. We’ve shared problem-solving suggestions, resources, tears, laughter, and more. Our group held its last meeting in September, but members will continue to be available to the church community, including Helen Brown and Joyce Holmen.