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Apr 2018

Let’s Grow Together: Opportunities Abound

In Rev. Greg Ward’s article, he talks about investing in one another. “It’s our faith, inclusivity, generosity and hope –
with and for one another –that’ll allow our best to emerge,” he writes.
But how can we know what will emerge? When we plant seeds, how can we be sure what those seeds are going to grow into? We can hope! We can do our best to invest in our church by being involved. One thing is for certain: if we do not show up, then nothing will grow.
I am encouraging you to show up. Here’s how:
• Encourage children to come to RE classes
• Attend Second Sunday Supper
• Attend a Heart and Soul Service, which takes place on the second Sunday of each month
• Volunteer to help out with a story for all ages in our worship service
• Check out our new Women Over 50 group that begins April 3
• Join us on April 29 for our Faith in Action Sunday as we plant a community garden
• Attend our annual meeting on May 20, and vote!
• Sign up to teach in our summer children’s RE program.
When you get involved, you have the wonderful opportunity to make connections with others. You never know what to expect, or what you will discover about one another or yourself. You may find you have special gifts or talents. You could form lifelong friendships. As it says on the Soul Matters website, “Being a people of emergence involves doing all we can, trusting the process and keeping an eye out for unexpected opportunities to emerge.”
Kathleen Hogue

Having a Great Time Learning about Humanism in Adult RE

I am grateful to James Witker for the hard and meaningful work that he does for the Faith in Action Committee and
different discussion groups he leads. I had the opportunity to take a class from James recently where we read and discussed the book, “Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism.”
Through reading and group discussion of this book, I became more familiar with the Humanism aspect of Unitarian
Universalism. I learned the concepts and ideas of Humanism, and how they are reflected in our faith. I learned that Humanism is a powerful tool that can be used to deal with so many difficult issues, which we encounter in today’s world, from never-ending wars to global warming. It was a great opportunity to explore my beliefs in the context of the current period in history. Though many people in our church are familiar with Humanism, a class with James can open your mind to new ways of thinking. I look forward to his next offering in Adult Religious Growth and Exploration.
Jila Tayefehnowrooz