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Nov 2017

Church Receives Bequest; Rev. Greg Describes Church Models

The board met in Forbes Hall on November 14 with eight board members, Rev. Greg, and eleven guests in attendance. Rev. Greg lit the chalice with a reading about the “coat of power” that increasingly fits over time.
Secretary Beth Brownlie read the name of the new member who joined since the last board meeting: Aubrey Sassoon, for a total membership of 340.
Rev. Greg encouraged the board to adopt a goal of making 100% cooperative, respectful process its main task and the main commitment of every member on the board. His challenge to board members is to conduct every interaction as if they were standing outside the church on a Sunday morning surrounded by visitors, newcomers and potential investors in the church. The board will collectively be reading and discussing “Never Call Them Jerks” by Arthur Paul Boers. The board read aloud the draft covenant of right relations.
Rev. Greg pointed out that UUSM is the size of a programmatic church but operating on a pastoral model that cannot be sustained. Congregations that operate from a programmatic model do not require it to be the sole responsibility of the minister to carry the communication, resolve the conflict, manage relationships and keep programs well informed and connected. Congregations operating from pastoral models, however, depend much more on the minister.
UUSM has been awarded $8,500 as a stipend toward the cost of an intern (approximately $20,000 total). In the application for the stipend UUSM expressed interest in entering into a good faith agreement to move toward fair share over four years. Two applications for the intern position have been received and interviews will be conducted by a small group represented by the minister, personnel, board, and at large.
A workshop on the history of UUSM up to 2008 was held on Sunday, Nov. 12 and was well attended by about 50 people. The next phase of the exploration of our history from 2008 to the present will be held in January.
UUSM has been awarded approximately $116,000 from the estate of Ralph Meyer. Once received, the money will be allocated to the various funds established by the Committee on Money in 2016.
As of November 9, UUSM has received pledges for the 2018 calendar year from 38% of the membership for a total of $175,159 towards the goal of $425,000, which will represent a 15% increase over last year’s budgeted amount.
An overview and timeline of the development of the comprehensive safety policy was given by Emily Hero.
The board unanimously affirmed and approved the Newsletter Committee’s decision to select Abby Arnold as their Editor-in-Chief.
UUSM board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, and are open to all members. More details can be found in the minutes of each meeting, which are posted on the UUSM.org website in the “members only” section.
Patricia Wright