Splinters From The Board

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Oct 2017

The board met on September 12 with all board members, our DRE, and 11 guests in attendance. A delicious vegetarian, Indian-themed dinner was provided by Beth Brownlie. Board member Jerry Gates lit the chalice and gave tribute to the Rev. Charles Joy as the inspiration for the chalice as the UU symbol, originally meant to represent sacrifice and love.

The Right Relations Committee has been invited to attend board meetings to provide process observation at the end of the board meeting.

The consent agenda was approved with a requested update on the status of fundraising for the RE Assistant. With Sunday’s bake sale, $6,500 of the $7,500 November goal has been raised. The full text of consent agenda reports is available on uusm.org in the members-only section.

An all-day board retreat will be held on Saturday, September 30 at the home of John Sussman. Patricia Wright will provide breakfast and Kim Miller will provide lunch. The agenda for the retreat is in the planning phase and will be forthcoming.

Beth Brownlie and Norm Richey are spearheading the revival of the Membership Team. Following a first meeting, their goal is threefold: 1) attract new members, 2) engage visitors, and 3) nurture and energize existing members.

This year’s Ernie Pipes featured lecturer will be Minister Emerita Judith Meyer. A motion from the Pipes Fund requesting board funds for a reception to accompany the lecture did not pass. The Pipes Lecture Fund is self-sustaining.

The board approved two motions related to the Forbes Hall waste line repair/ regrade. The first, to approve the contract with “The Sewer Spy” in the amount of $11,380, to execute the repair; and the second, in the amount of up to $5,000, for the permit required by the City of Santa Monica and the refinishing following the repair. Both amounts will come from the Capital/Building Reserve Fund. Details of the motions and the proposed work can be found in the meeting minutes on the UUSM website members-only section. The essence of the work includes replacing parts of the sewer lines and lining the pipes that run under Forbes Hall.

Various policies that have been proposed or pending were addressed: 1) Animal Policy, 2) Letters-to-the-Board Communications Policy, 3) Musical Instrument Policy, and 4) Financial Privacy Policy. The Animal Policy is in effect as an interim policy. The Letters to the Board Communications Policy was approved. The Financial Privacy Policy is pending review with Rev. Greg. The Musical Instrument Policy is also pending. Once policies are approved, they will be added to the UUCCSM Policy Document. It was pointed out and acknowledged by the board that any actions regarding policies should include the text of the policy.

Rev. Greg, unable to attend the board meeting due to his Ministerial Fellowship Committee commitment in Boston, requested board support for the Stewardship Team, whose schedule is imminent. The board acknowledged and approved the possible themes for this year’s pledge drive: Healing and Growing Together, and Moving Forward Together. The board, as the visionary lead for Stewardship, endorsed the following possible “vision points” that Stewardship can go forward with as talking points: 1) unifying the congregation and learning the benefits of covenant, 2) exploring our history and healing our past, and 3) increasing the efficiency and transparency of our organizational design.

The board approved a target for the 2018 stewardship campaign to raise 15% more than “what we raised last year.” This was an expression of board support; details to be forthcoming.

At the request of the board, James Witker gave a brief update on resources to combat potential white supremacy action. Going forward, a working group/task force will be created to share resources and create a plan.

The board approved a motion to enter into executive session. The board approved a motion to come out of executive session. No actions resulted.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9 pm following check-out by board members.

Patricia Wright