Our Current Art Wall

October, 2017
Zach Ridings Presents the Romantic Surrealism of Hawaii in “The Art of Life”
Please join us for an exploration of Surrealism during the October Art Wall opening reception on Sunday, October 8 from noon to 1:30 pm in Forbes Hall. Artist Zack Ridings has created striking and stylistic art pieces, celebrating nature, life and love. Some of his works are as large as 6 feet by 4 feet, bringing new definition to the phrase, “larger than life!”
For artist Zack Ridings, it all started with, “the ‘Ahhhh!’ of Nature…one of the most powerful driving forces in a human’s life.” Ridings brings his appreciation of Surrealism and Impressionism to the forefront in his series of images depicting coastal and natural scenes of the Hawaiian islands. All of his works are done using a
traditional oil painting technique.
Ridings describes his inspirational process, “It all started with the way the wind moves, the [way] trees sculpt the mountains and guide the soul.” He continues, “To share these visions of strength and power of nature using what
I call a Simple Romantic Surreal style…
We end up with a beautiful figure or a face turned into a tree or resting on the ground as a mountain. The kind of things that are both enticing and calming, a true vision of Mother Nature.” Gaia enthusiasts would certainly agree!
Over the past five years, Zack Ridings has displayed his work throughout many of the Hawaiian Islands that are often the focus of his paintings. We look forward to welcoming his visions of tropical paradise, featuring the Surrealistic elements of surprise and unexpected juxtapositions.
Contact our Art Director, Beverly Alison, for further info about this show or about exhibiting on our Art Wall.