Our Current Art Wall

September, 2017
Story Painting by Nancy Romero
Nancy Romero, an award winning and well known artist in southern California, will be exhibiting a Sampling of Stories on the Art Wall at UU Santa Monica. The Artist’s Opening Reception is tentatively scheduled (watch for updates) for Sunday, September 10, from 11 am until 12:30 pm. Meet the artist and see a collection of her “Art Toys” at the reception. She works with oil and tempera on prepared panels, often gold leafed. The exhibit will run through the end of the September.
In Romero’s words:
“I celebrate glee, playfulness and irony: we are overwhelmed by violence and negativity in our world today. My work is a small antidote.
“My paintings and toys tell stories. The subject matter is often inspired by my studies in mythology and folk art. I focus on the small battles in nature and in human relationships, playing with the images of the larger myth that infuse the minutia of our lives.
“In my paintings, I experiment with techniques, ranging from old master oil glazing to tempera and gilding. My toys are automata- they move, driven by hand cranks or small motors. They are made mostly from wood and painted in tempera.”
Romero’s education started with a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College, New York, and graduate studies in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. It moved on to 30 years of painting stories and making toys based on mythology, morality, personal relationships, and the mysteries of animals. Search YouTube for ‘Nancy Romero Art Toys’ to see the toys in action. (For the digital copy use this link: See Nancy Romero Art Toys in Action instead of the sentence.)
Contact Nancy Thompson in the church office for information or weekday appointments: assistant@uusm.org, 310-829-5436 ext 102.
Contact Our Art Director, Beverly Alison for further info about this show or about exhibiting on our Art Wall.