Art Wall Opening Reception


Please note, this description is for November, 2017.

Descriptions are up-dated monthly as the display and artist changes.


Wonderful Watercolors Await on the Art Wall in November!                    

Please join us to view the world through watercolor creations this November during our Art Wall Opening Reception: Sunday, November 5, from 12:00 noon – 1:30pm in Forbes Hall. Artist Kathy Wilczek will be on hand to share her thoughts and inspirations behinds the pieces on display.

Wilczek grew up in the Boston area, where from an early age she was inspired to create art, often winning contests put on by the Boston Globe. Her passion led her to degrees in Fine Arts and Graphic Design; she taught Art and Art History in Illinois for over ten years. In Chicago, Lake Michigan replaced her New England ocean as she continued to explore art forms in every way possible. Her work was displayed and sold in art galleries and design studios throughout the Chicago area for decades.


Wilczek has studied and created a variety of art forms by working with oils, acrylics, mixed-media, sculpture and most recently, watercolor. Wilczek’s influences include Van Gogh and, “the whole Wyeth family.” Wilczek mentions, “My point of view is nature, whimsy, and generally illustrative. Color and how it effects other colors is something always on my mind.”

She and her husband retired and relocated from the Midwest to the Tucson desert six years ago. The vastly different surroundings, especially the mountains inspired her to learn to paint with watercolors to express the dryness of the desert  through water and color. She has developed an endearing love for the West Coast. Wilczek loves to visit Santa Monica and the Pier, finding new enchantment in the West Coast vibes and ocean fun. Although the two coasts she lived on elicit very different feelings, to study both is her delight.

Contact Our Art Director, Beverly Alison, at for further info about this show or about exhibiting on our Art Wall.


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