Dining for Dollars

What is Dining for Dollars?
Dining for Dollars is a series of themed dinners and/or parties, generally held in members' homes (but also on boats or other venues available to the hosts), which are auctioned off to attendees as a fundraiser for the church.
How often are they held?
The auction for Dining for Dollars events is held once a year, usually in February, and the individual events take place throughout the year. (We have often have as many as 50, or more, events up for auction!)
Who may bid on and attend the events?
Bidding in the Dining for Dollars silent auction is open to anyone who attends the church, and the winning bidders attend the events.
How many events are there?
Usually about 40 different events each year, each with a different theme.  Here is our list of 2017 Dining for Dollars events.
What kinds of themes do hosts choose?
Ethnic meals (Indian, Italian, Mexican, French, etc.) are always popular. We've also had sailing trips, pancake breakfasts, bridge parties, pool parties, Shakespeare nights, and even murder mystery parties. The possibilities for themes are as varied and infinite as the hosts' imaginations.
How can I host a Dining for Dollars event?
A call for hosts usually goes out to members near the end of the year. If you would like to host an event, please fill out our event host application form
How many people attend a Dining for Dollars event?
Groups can vary from about 6 to 20 people, depending on the event and the venue. Group size is determined by the individual hosts when they announce their events. There are also two fixed-price events each year - our pancake breakfast and choir concert - which can accommodate more than 75 attendees each.
When will the next round of bidding be held?
Bidding for the next round of Dining for Dollars events is held each February, usually on the last two Sundays of the month, in Forbes Hall after the services.