Keeping Score

Sunday, May 14, 2017
Rev. Rebecca Benefiel Bijur
Rev. Rebecca will reflect on ministry and motherhood and we will welcome children to our community with a ceremony of Child Dedication at the 11am service.
Raising children is a sacred stewardship and a daily spiritual practice. A child dedication is an act of affirmation; a recognition of the reverence for life that we speak of in our first principle.  On May 14, we will formally welcome children into our congregation.  As a part of the service we will dedicate ourselves to nurture the inherent sense of personal dignity and worth of our children. Although we call this ceremony a Child Dedication, it is really a dedication of the primary caregivers and the congregation to nurture these children with those values that promote responsible and generous living. It is a celebration of both responsibility and promise. If you would like to participate, please contact DRE Kathleen Hogue at no later than May 8.


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