Childrens Programs

The Religious Exploration program of UUCCSM is dedicated to the personal and spiritual development of our children within the context of our Unitarian Universalist faith. 


Let the Force Be With You!

Our Star Wars themed Summer Program with a UU twist is for children of all ages.  It continues each Sunday through the summer! This program brings spiritual/ethical lessons from Star Wars into a cohesive program that focuses on the colors of Lightsabers and the UU Principles. All young "Padawans" meet in the cottage with their teachers (Jedi Masters) following the Time for all Ages in the service.

The 2017-2018 RE program includes:

Nursery Care: Babies and toddlers are kept safe and happy with loving care.  Our nursery room is a warm and welcoming place for you and your children.  Staffed by professional childcare providers and loving members of our church community.

9:00 AM Preschool-Kindergarten: “Spirit PlayA Unitarian Universalist Adaptation of Jerome Berryman's Godly Play. Co-developed by Rev. Dr. Nita Penfold, Rev. Ralph Roberts and Beverly Leute Bruce. "Spirit Play is a way of thinking about religious education, and inviting children and adults into an exploration of their own needs and "existential" limits. It provides for the modeling of authentic religious questioning, the freedom to search for one's own meaning, and perhaps most importantly, is emotionally provocative." - Kerrie Lirosi 

9:00 AM 1st -2nd Grade: “Spirit SeekersThis year, the Spirit Seekers will be exploring Sacred Stories. These stories come from many different faith traditions.  We consider that sacred which is worthy of respect and awe.  Sacred stores are important that frame the way we see the world. We will be using the banners that are displayed in the sanctuary to guide our story selection as well as AAHS (Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists & Secularists). We will also be talking about each faith’s artifacts, rituals and traditions. The class will include picture books, crafts, games and snacks.  We hope you will join us!

9:00 AM 3rd-5th Grade: The UUniverse Story”- How do we know what we know?  All meaning stories, origin stories or creation myths, regardless of time or setting, have been a reflection of all the knowledge and technology available to its particular culture.  “The UUniverse Story” is designed to celebrate what we know in the 21st century and to nurture a sense of awe and wonder for the world around us through a hands-on, science-based curriculum intended to give an appreciation of the incredible achievements of our species to understand the world and our place in it.  Kids will engage our UU Principles and values as they explore the chemistry of life, the ideas of evolution and change over time, and the interconnectedness of all people from our shared ancestry with each other and every other life form on the planet.

9:00 AM 6th-7th Grade: “Interfaith Quest” is a two-year comparative religions course that takes participants outside of our own walls to learn about the world’s religions through building relationships and doing interfaith service work with youth from other  religious traditions.  Participants will reflect on the unique and universal of religious experience, explore their own values as they relate to many other faith traditions, and increase their appreciation of religious diversity.  The concept for this new course was inspired by the book Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, in the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation by Eboo Patel. Mr Patel’s experience taught him that when youth from faiths who share the common value of doing good work in the world come together to work cooperatively on a service project, it not only helps to break down barriers of misunderstanding, but also deepens one’s own faith through sharing it with others.

11:00 AM Multi-Age Class We are "Soul Explorers".  For our 11 AM All Ages class we will be exploring the monthly topics used in our congregation from Soul Matters.  Children will be engaged in stories, art, music, meditation, nature and service. We use an experiential rather than a “school” framework. In other words, each session strives to engage children in four fundamental spiritual experiences; what we call “the four  S’s”:

The Four S’s” of Nurturing the Soul

Silence  meditation, listening, mindfulness.

Service  leadership, helping others

Sunshine  connection with nature and our bodies through outdoor activities or movement

Silliness!  (We will have fun)


Visit the Youth Programs page for information about programs offered for youth in 8th-12th grades.