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"Leaving Room for Hope: Sermons for Uncertain Times," a book of Minister Emerita Judith Meyer's sermons, is available here.

March 12, 2000 - 4:00pm
Lessons from Leaving,
The Rev. Judith Meyer

In a full life, we hold on and let go, over and over again. Attachment and separation are intertwined. Learning involves understanding both.

March 5, 2000 - 4:00pm
The Rev. Judith Meyer

A sanctuary is a holy place, set aside to protect and make room for the work of the church. As we move closer to envisioning our facility development program, we move deeper into our mission as a church. The sanctuary is central to all of it.

February 27, 2000 - 4:00pm
When Life Deals You a Lousy Hand
The Rev. Scott Alexander, guest speaker

Scott Alexander writes, "It seems to me the question is not will 'bad' things happen to you in your lifetime. Unless you are remarkably lucky, they will. The question is what 'spiritual camber' will you manage to bring to your heart as you struggle to respond. In life's difficult times, our spiritual perspective largely determines whether we will succeed in finding new meaning and hope for the days ahead, or sink with sinking circumstances." Scott Alexander is minister of River Road Unitarian Church in Bethesda, Maryland.

February 20, 2000 - 4:00pm
Menaced by Faith
The Rev. Judith Meyer, speaker

While concerns about apocalyptic global terrorism arose around the New Year, I noticed that most of the threat came from religious devotees anticipating the apocalypse. These menacing influences have little to do with our approach to faith. Yet they threaten our world as well as everything we cherish in the name of religion, and we should be very concerned about that.

February 13, 2000 - 4:00pm
Love is Still the Answer, Solidarity Sabbath
The Rev. Judith Meyer, speaker

This Sunday the interfaith community of California joins together to affirm that all people deserve to love and be loved in committed relationships and families. The service will include a message from Kris Langabeer about the Knight Initiative.

February 6, 2000 - 4:00pm
The Rev. Judith Meyer, speaker

Since we have come together recently to work on our mission statement, it is a good time to think in broad terms about the meaning of our connection to each other in this church.

January 30, 2000 - 4:00pm
What I Tell Myself When Times are Tough
The Rev. Judith Meyer

We all face our share of life's difficulties. Family, friends and fellowship can get us through a lot of them. But we also need to learn how to coach ourselves on our own.

January 23, 2000 - 4:00pm
The Heights of Humility
The Rev. Judith Meyer

The thirteenth century Islamic mystic Rumi writes that to be humble is to be happy, and to discover the way to spiritual ecstasy. How might we apply the neglected value of humility to our own faith?

January 16, 2000 - 4:00pm
The Trouble With Religion,
The Rev Kenneth Torquil

MacLean, guest speaker - Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday We all know that religion is a good thing, don't we? And we cherish freedom of religion, which is enshrined in the First Amendment of our Constitution. Though the government can require doctors and bus drivers and liquor store operators to be licensed for our protection, we would be scandalized at the idea of preachers getting a license from the government, except to perform weddings. Do think there might be a problem here? Kenneth MacLean became a Unitarian while he was a member of our congregation. He is minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Desert. He and Judith Meyer are exchanging pulpits this morning.

January 9, 2000 - 4:00pm
In My Study My Faith is Perfect,
The Rev. Judith Meyer

With these words, Ralph Waldo Emerson admitted that it was easier to think about his faith than to live it. The same is true for most of us.