Church buildings and offices are now closed for business and services until further notice, and church staff members are working remotely. Please monitor this page for updates.

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Feb 28
- "Be Ours a Religion (Online Service)" - Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae

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If you visit our service on any Sunday,...

Several times in the last couple of years, scammers NOT associated with the church have sent out e-mails from addresses that look like they belong to our minister, president or...

Church buildings are closed for social activities, rentals and church meetings till further notice.  Staff members are at the office and conduct all administrative business online and via...

If you need to schedule a church business group or committee meeting via Zoom, please contact our office staff at, or post you...

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Find all the latest news in our new ONLINE NEWSLETTER! Also, the following website pages have recently been updated:

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From Our Minister

Welcome to our beloved liberal religious home. We’ve been engaged in ministry in Santa Monica and Greater Los Angeles for almost a century. We are a community that strives to be radically inclusive of people from different walks of life, spiritual paths, and philosophies of life. We are united by our common Unitarian Universalist principles and values. We engage in service to our community and to the world. From worship to pastoral care, social justice and environmental activism to lifespan religious education, this is a congregation aspiring to make its beliefs in love, compassion, and justice real in the world. Join us for a Sunday morning worship service or one of the many diverse activities in the life of our congregation. Help us to create a brighter future together.

With love and gratitude,
Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae