Board Goals

Dear members and friends of UUCCSM,
Your board of directors has outlined its work for the next six months. In the spirit of transparency and community, we are sharing these goals with you and we welcome your feedback. 
In the wake of the announcement of Reverend Rebecca's resignation, we have decided to delay the originally scheduled "town hall discussion" for this weekend, in favor of having a table on the patio after each service on Sunday, November 13th, 2016. We feel this will help to increase the quality of conversation that may be needed at this time.
Please review this executiive summary of the goals. Alternately, if you have a member-level website account,  you can view the summary and workplan (very much still in process) in the For Members section of this site. (Note: if you are a church member and do not have a member-level website account, please see our website Help page to find out how to create one.)
We will have printouts at the table on Sunday, November 13.
We invite you to share your thoughts, concerns, and hopes with us. Indeed, we invite you will actively join us in helping to realize these goals to create a more beloved community.
In faith,
Your board of directors
Beth Brownlie*, Ron Crane (President), Joe Engelman, Jerry Gates, Emily Hero, Kim Miller*, Kikanza Nuri-Robbins, Jacki Weber* & Patricia Wright*