Board Relationship to Committees

Approved by the Board of Directors June 12, 2007

All committees are to be made up of at least three members of the church. Friends of the church may serve on committees, but not chair them, unless otherwise stipulated by the bylaws or Board of Directors.

Complaints about the function of or decisions made by committees shall be referred to an Ombuds-group consisting of the president, the minister and the chair of the Nominating Committee.

Committees shall be operational or other. Operational committees have assignments that relate to the functioning of the church. They include the committees provided for in the bylaws (Finance, Personnel, Social Action, Religious Exploration and Nominating Committee), as well as committees established by the Board of Directors to deal with specific management issues, such as Membership & Leadership. Chairs of operational committees established by the Board shall serve a maximum of four consecutive years.

Activity groups are for the enjoyment of their members and have no membership restrictions or term limits.