Letters to the Board Communications Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors 09-12-17
1. Any communication directed at the Board, any member of the Board or regarding any employee of the Church shall be logged in to a spreadsheet kept by the Administrator of the Church. This log will be kept in a confidential manner and can only be viewed by the Minister, the personnel committee and the executive board. At no time will this log be made available on email and can only be reviewed by the above persons, upon reasonable request to the Administrator, in the office.
2. If the communication pertains to a personnel issue, not involving the minister, the minister will be promptly advised as will the executive committee. The personnel committee will review such letter and determine if further action is needed or warranted. Note: There are established procedures in the personnel policy for handling such concerns. Employees of the Church have certain rights and privileges regarding their privacy which should be protected.
3. If the communication pertains to any other matter, it shall be logged in per above, and then referred, initially to the executive committee for review. The Executive committee will make recommendations and/or decisions if the communication should be referred to one or more other groups, task forces or committees or if the executive committee should respond.
Example of issues which might be referred to other groups/task forces or committees;
1. A question about Religious education programming.
Refer to LRE Committee and DRE
2. A concern about conflict.
Refer to Right Relations
3. Financial concerns, including budget questions or concerns.
Refer to Treasurer
4. Concern regarding building maintenance, equipment, facilities.
Refer to FDC Co Chairs
5. A concern about Music, the choir or music content.
Refer to the DOM/Music Committee
The Secretary of the board shall ensure that if the matter is referred to another committee, person or group that a) the inquiry is acknowledged immediately and that b) the group, task force or persons responds to the concern within 30 days of the date of receipt. Further that any response indicates to the person making the inquiry what the next step is, if any, if they are not satisfied with the response that they receive. A copy of any response will be given to the Board for review. A copy of any response shall also be given to the Administrator who will log the date and a one line statement of the response in the confidential log.
If the concern pertains to a church wide, or Board matter, then the Executive committee shall a) acknowledge the receipt of the concern b) bring such matter to the Board at the next Board meeting for Board review and/or input. c) the Secretary of the Board shall ensure that the Board timely responds to the inquiry within 30 days.
At times there may be a matter which is truly an urgent or emergency matter. At such times the executive committee may ask that the inquiry or concern be responded to in less than thirty days.
For every inquiry made it shall be logged and kept track of as stated above.