Requests for Congregational Sponsorship of Individuals Preparing for Fellowship as UU Ministers

Approved by the Board of Directors 11-11-14
On behalf of the congregation, the Board of Directors will vote to grant or refuse a request for congregational sponsorship from an individual preparing for fellowship as a UU minister. The Board may wish to request a brief statement from the individual about why they are requesting sponsorship from the congregation prior to considering the request. Congregational sponsorship indicates:
• Confidence in the candidate's potential and suitability for UU ministry
• The candidate is actively committed to the Purposes and Principles of the UUA and the institutions which uphold them.
Sponsorship does not indicate that the candidate is presently ready for ministry when the congregation commits to sponsorship. The final decision to grant fellowship to a candidate is made by the Ministerial Fellowship Committee of the UUA after careful consideration of written materials, evaluations, and a personal interview.