Role of the Executive Committee

Approved by the Board of Directors August 8, 2006

The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers and immediate past president and it shall serve as a subcommittee of the Board, charged with helping make the functioning of the Board as efficient as possible. The Executive Committee shall carry out that charge by performing the following functions:

1. Discussing matters brought to it or which it recognizes need attention, for the purpose of clarifying the pertinent issues and assessing their importance.

2. Establishing the agenda for each forthcoming Board meeting. That includes (a) determining which current issues require, or are of sufficient importance or sensitivity to warrant, full Board attention, and (b) determining if there are broader policy or forward-looking issues for which significant Board meeting time should be reserved.

3. Matters of an urgent nature placed before the Executive Committee may be resolved using board policy C2.6 (Board Decision Making Outside of Regular Meetings).