Use of Church Financial Resources

Approved by the Board of Directors 10-12-10

The financial resources of the Church are identified and described in the section "Structure of the Church's Financial Resources," below. Policies with regard to the maintenance and management of these resources, in addition to those inherent are as follows:

1. Budget for all classes of expenditure that recur with enough consistency to be meaningfully budgeted shall be included in the annual Operating Budget. This includes routine facility improvement and equipment acquisition expenditures, arbitrarily defined as such items or projects costing $5,000 or less.

2. Major extraordinary expenditures, of either a capital or non-capital nature, but not warranting invasion of the Emergency Reserve, shall be included in the Operating Budget if anticipated in the development of that budget.

3. Expenditures that appropriately fall under one of the Operating Budget line items shall be charged to that line item, whether or not a budget deficit in that line item, or in the budget as a whole, will result. Operating Budget deficits are covered out of the Unrestricted Reserve.

4. The Church shall maintain an Emergency Reserve in the amount of 25% of the Operating Budget. This shall be adjusted at the beginning of each fiscal year by making transfers into or out of the Unrestricted Reserve. The Emergency Reserve funds are only to be used for major emergencies. Expenditures from the Emergency Reserve may be made only with the approval of 75% of the Board of Directors or a majority of church members present at a congregational business meeting.

5. Donations, by bequest or otherwise, shall be used in strict accordance with any instructions by the donor. If the Board should determine that the donor's instructions are not consistent with the principles or interests of the Church, the donation shall be declined.

6. All donations shall be recorded as income. Non-pledge contributions shall be characterized as ordinary or extraordinary contributions, based on Board determined guidelines that may be revised, as necessary. All donations other than toward the Operating Budget, Endowments or a Dedicated Fund shall be taken into Unrestricted Reserves.

7. The Board of Directors may make unbudgeted expenditures, including changes to a line item or reallocations of Church funds, in an amount not to exceed $50,000. Multiple expenditures for the same item or project will be considered in the aggregate when calculating the $50,000 limit. Unbudgeted expenditures, changes or reallocations in excess of $50,000 shall be presented to the congregation for decision, unless time limitation or other acute constraint precludes calling a congregational meeting.

8. A balance sheet reporting all church liquid assets as well as reports of the income and expenses for Dedicated Funds and Endowments and the names of fund coordinators are to be presented, at least quarterly, to the Board and included in the Annual Report.

9. Fund raising by and/or for outside organizations requires Board of Directors approval. An exception is Generous Congregation donations from the offering, if the Board or the Congregation has authorized them. The Minister and the Board President have the authority to select non-profit entities to receive this donation.

10. Individuals, groups or committees who desire to raise money for church projects or needs are asked to inform the board and administration personnel of intended plans by completing a form that provides information about the plan and submitting it at least one Board Meeting before the intended fundraising.