Budget Development Procedure

Approved by the Board of Directors 2-10-04

1. In December, Finance Committee solicits (1) budget requests for the coming fiscal year from director-level staff and pertinent committees relative to all budget-supported functions and (2) Personnel Committee recommendations for size of non-ministerial salary adjustment pool and salary adjustment for the Minister for the coming fiscal year.

2. Prior to the Finance Committee February meeting, Personnel Committee recommends to Finance Committee size of non-ministerial salary adjustment pool (as a percent of current total salaries; may be zero) and size of salary adjustment for the Minister for the coming fiscal year.

3. Prior to the March Board meeting, Finance Committee, taking account of inputs from 1 and 2 above, develops detailed draft budget. Finance Committee sends pertinent portions of draft budget for comment to all staff members and committees who have submitted budget requests, and to Personnel Committee if the budget does not fully reflect that committee’s salary adjustment recommendations.

4. In cases where the draft budget differs from the Item 1 or 2 inputs, Finance Committee seeks to achieve agreement prior to item 5 below.

5. At its March meeting, Board considers draft budget and transmits comments thereon to Finance Committee.

6. Prior to the Finance Committee’s last meeting before the April Board meeting, Personnel Committee, within the limits of the approved salary adjustment pool and considering staff evaluations prepared or assembled by the Minister, develops and transmits to Finance Committee individual salary adjustment figures for each paid staff member.

7. Taking account of inputs from 6 and 7 above and any additional inputs from other committees or staff members, Finance Committee develops final proposed budget.

8. At its April meeting, Board ratifies final proposed budget, either as presented or with modifications, for submittal to the congregation.

9. At the Annual Meeting, Finance Committee presents proposed budget for congregational approval.