Checking and Investment Accounts - Establishment and Signatories

Approved by the Board of Directors 11-13-12
RESOLVED that the Treasurer is hereby authorized to establish and to terminate checking accounts in the name of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica, in such banks or other financial institutions as she/he deems necessary or prudent, subject to policy direction by the Finance Committee and/or the Board of Directors.
For these accounts, which shall serve as the primary accounts for Church financial transactions or investments, the signatories at the time of establishment and at any subsequent time shall be the President, the Past President and the Treasurer. Checks on this account under $4,000 may be signed by any one of the specified signatories. Checks in amounts over $4,000 shall be signed by any two of the specified signatories, even if a double signature is not required by the financial institution.
Any resolutions required by the bank or other financial institution involved, pertaining to the establishment of such accounts and the authorization of transactions therein, are hereby incorporated by reference into this resolution and are adopted verbatim as though they had been considered separately and individually.
This resolution supersedes the similar resolution adopted by the Board of Directors on 10/14/08