Finance Operations

Approved by the Board of Directors 4-14-09

Handling of Receipts and Expenditures

1. All cash and checks received by the Church are placed in the Church safe immediately upon receipt. Receipts will be offered for all cash tendered, excluding the offerings. Monies from the weekly offerings are counted and verified by at least two persons, including one volunteer church member and one office staff member as early in the following week as possible. They are then recorded in the Church's accounting records and deposited in the appropriate bank account by the Finance Assistant each week.

2. Requests for payment or reimbursement should be in writing, preferably on a Request for Check form, stating the payee, purpose and amount, bearing an authorized approval signature (see 3. below; may be that of the preparer of the request), and accompanied by original receipts for monies spent.

3. Requests for payment or reimbursement require approval by one of the following persons

a. For expenditures against operating budget accounts, the staff member or committee chair responsible for the budget line item being charged. All Facility Maintenance and Equipment & Facility Improvement accounts are the responsibility of the Director of Administration.

b. For expenditures from the non-operating-budget Dedicated Funds, the fund coordinator for the applicable fund.

4. Expenditures are to be made by check drawn on the Church's checking account, in accordance with the policy “Checking Accounts – Establishment and Signatories."

Accounting for Receipts and Expenditures

5. The Director of Administration shall ensure that all income and expenditures by the Church, or in connection with programs administered by the Church, are entered in the Church's accounting records and that this includes allocating income or expenditures to the appropriate account(s) in accordance with the Chart of Accounts.

6. Expenses for routine supplies and administrative support provided by the Church office for activities that are an integral part of the Church operations are charged to the pertinent office accounts rather than to the budget of the particular activity involved. Such expenses incurred for Affiliated Organizations (currently the Women's Alliance) or outside organizations are charged to those organizations.