Use of Will Wright Bequest

Approved by the Board of Directors 2-11-92

Late in 1991, the Church received a check for $15,752.06 from the UUA, proceeds from money deposited by Will and Greta Wright in the UUA Pooled Income Fund to benefit the Church on their death. The Wrights specified that the money was to be held by the Church as an endowment, the earnings to be used by the Minister to bring other speakers into the pulpit on Sunday mornings. The Board was given the option, during the first 30 days, to specify some other use of the funds, as long as they were not included in the general funds of the Church. The Finance Committee recommended, and the Board approved, that the funds be used just as the Wrights intended, to bring in outside speakers. The Board has the option to reconsider this decision every five years.

Amended by the Board of Directors 11-12-13
The Board of Directors will no longer hold the Will Wright Pulpit fund – established in or about 1980 and currently containing approximately $14,000 – as an endowment fund. The principal will henceforth be used to pay guest Sunday pulpit speakers.