Engaging Independent Contractors

Amended by the Board of Directors 5-13-08
Amended by the Board of Directors 5-28-13
This policy establishes the procedures to be followed when it may be necessary for UUCCSM (“Church”) to engage independent contractors.
This policy is applicable to contractors, whose anticipated fee is $3000 or more in a 12-month period, including any contractors who are Church members and any contractors who have been hired in the past. It does not include consultants provided by the UUA.
1. The Board of Directors (“Board”) or a committee of the Church that sees a need for a contractor shall create a description of the project, which shall include: 1) the work to be done, 2) the approximate time frame, 3) the required budget, 4) the invoicing procedures, 5) the names of at least two people responsible for oversight (one of whom shall be a member of the permanent staff of the church), and 6) any specific qualifications or licensing requirements of the contractor.
2. With regards to facilities projects, the following will apply: The Board designates an ad hoc committee to monitor the project. Except in unusual circumstances three bids will be obtained.
3. The ad hoc committee shall submit the contract to the Board for approval. No contractor shall be engaged until the board has approved the contract.
5. Those designated to oversee the contractor shall exercise due diligence in their capacity as fiduciary designees of the Board of Directors in monitoring the performance, evaluation, scope of work, expenses and fees, and time limits of the work of the contractor. The contract and invoices shall be maintained in the office and available for inspection by members.