Protection of Musical Instruments and Organ Loft

1. The Director of Music (DOM) in tandem with the Church Administrator (CA) shall control all use, access and movement of any Church musical instruments.
2. The Organ and the Steinway Piano shall not be played, used or touched by any member, outside contractor, vendor, employee, renter, or user of the property without the express written authorization form the DOM or the CA.
3. Other instruments may be used by the congregation but great care should be exercised when using any musical instrument.
4. In the case of a rental that involves the use of any musical instrument, the AD shall obtain a written acknowledgment of this policy in writing by the renting group or person. The AD shall review or supervise the review of the condition of the musical instrument before and after any rental to confirm that there is no damage.
5. The DOM and/or the CA shall determine who is authorized to access the Organ loft and who is authorized to touch or work on the Organ pipes. No member of the congregation, public or vendor shall access the organ loft without obtaining written permission from the DOM, AD or the President of the Board.
6. In addition to the concerns regarding the Organ, the Organ loft is not for public or member access. It contains potential and actual safety risks. It can only be accessed by a ladder.
7. At no time shall any materials of any kind be stored in the Organ loft area. Nothing may be stored in the Organ loft. Ifany use of power or other tools or equipment or other construction, repair and/or other related work is occurring in the Organ loft, the DOM and the AD must be notified in writing of the day, time and type of work to
be done. The purpose of this is so the DOM and/or CA can provide instructions regarding protection of the Organ and the Organ loft against inadvertent damage or destruction.
8. The CA will ensure that the maintenance staff inspects the Organ loft visually at least one time per week. The CA will ensure that routine cleaning, including vacuuming of the Organ loft is done by the maintenance staff, after being trained by the DOM as to how to protect the Organ and Organ loft space. This cleaning shall start on March 1, 2016 and continue bi weekly.
9. If any outside contractor, vendor, worker or member of the UUCCSM congregation needs to access the choir loft, they will advise the DOM/AD in writing at least 24 hours prior to that time in writing. They shall be given copy of this policy and ask to acknowledge reading same and agree to abide by it. They will initial a copy and return it to the CA.
10. After any work has been done by any contractor, vendor, worker, or member of UUCCSM, the CA shall visually inspect or supervise the visual inspection of the organ loft to ensure that it is left in the same state as it was found.
11. The CA shall attach a laminated sign to the ladder of the Organ loft that requests that no one enter the loft, except in compliance with this policy. A copy of this policy will be kept available in the office and uploaded to the UUCCSM website when finalized. It will be included in the policy manual.
12. If any outside group contracts for the use of the space and this includes the use of any musical instrument, they shall pay an additional $500.00 refundable deposit against any damage to the musical instrument, including additional wear and/or tear of any kind. This refundable deposit will be held for no more than 30 days, after the DOM/CA confirms that there was no damage to the instrument. In addition any lessor of the premises shall agree that they will indemnify and pay for any damage or repair over the amount of $500.00 as part of the rental contract.
13. If for any reason the DOM or the CA cannot be reached regarding the use, access to, playing of, moving, working with or use of any of the musical instruments, then a request can be made in writing to the President of the Board, with 72 hours’ notice. If the President cannot be reached, then a request may be made with 72 hours’  notice to the Vice President of the Board who is authorized to respond.