Vision Statement

As a guide to planning for our future, we affirm our present vision of the purposes of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica to be:

Adopted May 7, 1989

  • To provide a welcoming center for all people who pursue an ongoing quest for understanding, personal growth and ethical living, and to provide a religious center for worship, meditation, celebration and fellowship;
  • To create and nurture a community where the search for truth is free and unhindered; where the dignity, worth and rights of every individual are revered; where spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth are stimulated and encouraged; where the process is open and democratic; where our interdependence with all life on earth is recognized and honored; and where the transforming power of love is acknowledged;
  • To provide for the religious growth and development of children and youth, to guide and support them in their search for understanding, insight and inspiration and to welcome them into the life of the church;
  • To participate in a broader fellowship concerned with social justice, peace and a responsible relationship with the environment, so that we may create a better world for all life today and all life tomorrow.