To protect the privacy of individual church members, we do not publish a full public version of our monthly newsletter online...but we do include much of our content in a a slightly-reformatted version of the publication, which is always featured as the top link in the "What's New @" section of the front page of this site.  Specific content from the newsletter also appears in the pages listed below. In addition, you'll find even more newsletter content in the Calendar, Worship & Sermons, Getting Involved, Faith in Action and Lifespan Religious Education sections of this website.

If you would like to submit ideas or stories for an upcoming newsletter, please send them to Please note that our deadline for submissions is the 15th of the previous month (e.g. January 15 for the February newsletter). 

Finally, please note that current church members may view full PDF versions of the newsletter at (Church Member-level website account required).