From Our President

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May 2018

Changes, and Right Relations

Two years ago, when standing as a candidate for President, I promised that I would promote the Right Relations concept in hope of bringing our community together again.
As I review what then was the future and is now the past, my heart is both joyful and sorrowful. I didn’t foresee the pain some of us would experience in the Right Relations process. Pain too often accompanies change. I didn’t foresee the depth to which some of us would embrace Right Relations, and in turn how these same people would find greater purpose to life and amazing connections with others.
We aren’t finished yet with the study and actualization of Right Relations. It appears that it is a life-long process. We have changed. We have much more to do.
I’m not leaving. I’m just moving from President to Past-President, and then to Member. My movement is a part of greater change.
I will continue to promote and support Right Relations. I will continue to promote the practice of “speak to influence and listen to be influenced.”
Know my great appreciation for all of you in making a journey in life that lets us feel both joy and sorrow and contributes to the world being a better place.
Please work to support the safety and security of individual diversity that makes us unique in a world of non-acceptance.
Ron Crane