From Our President

Dec 2018

On Gratitude and Year-End Giving - Open Your Heart and Support the Community that Nurtures You







Dear Friends,

I’ve recently developed a gratitude practice as part of my spiritual development. Since it’s the season of gratitude, I thought I would share it with you. It’s also the season of giving. But we’ll get to that later.
Jacki’s gratitude list for 2018:
  • My closest UUSM friends who model what unconditional acceptance looks like;
  • The colleagues whom I’ve come to love as we work together helping make this a more joyful and vibrant faith community;
  • Every one of you committed to love and service within and beyond our UUSM walls;
  • The children who provide hope for the future;
  • Our Minister, Rev. Greg, for choosing to spend his life building a stronger Unitarian Universalist faith;
  • The countless blessings that I do nothing to do deserve, including life itself, my family, my health, my able-bodiedness, my privilege, and more.

What are you grateful for? I would like to know. Please drop me a line. I’m just a text or email, phone call, or holiday card away.

Now comes the giving part. Considering your own blessings and your gratitude for this congregation, would you please make a special year-end gift to UUSM? Yes, it’s your last chance to give this calendar year, and your contribution may be tax-deductible. Better yet, giving for generosity’s sake feels good.
Wishing you and your loved ones a merry and bright holiday season.
Jacki Weber, President