Rev. Greg Ward

Greg Ward is a cradle Unitarian Universalist, raised in the Neighborhood Church of Pasadena. He credits Unitarian Universalism with ‘saving his life.’  “I grew up in a family that was in a period of turmoil.  I had working class parents who struggled to provide for their three children – especially when there were prolonged medical issues.”  He credits the church, and other community groups (Parks and Rec., YMCA, Indian Guides, Cub Scouts, organized baseball, the UU conference center, DeBenneville Pines) with providing him the safe spaces and loving attention that weren’t as plentiful as he was needing at home.  Later, in the East Los Angeles neighborhoods, when we became aware of the level of fear and prejudice that permeates much of our public and civil interactions, his church were amazing sources of good information, comfort, diverse relationships and courage to love beyond race, class, lifestyle and beliefs.
Greg pursued science (Biochem / Biophysics) as a way to understand physical systems before realizing his real passion involved relational and organizational systems. He followed the call to ministry and received his M.Div. from PSR in Berkeley. He’s worked with congregations in Oakland, CA, Toronto, ON, Atlanta, GA, Monterey, CA, Northern Virginia, Berkeley, CA, Vancouver, WA and, currently, he serves as the Developmental Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica, CA.
Integrating his knowledge of evolutionary dynamics, family systems, organizational diagnostics and communication, Greg happily helps congregations in transition find their way toward becoming healthy, dynamic, innovative and energized communities.  He has a passion for helping to teach and cultivate courageous leadership – not only in service of the church and it’s mission, but so members of the church can apply what they learn to become better parents, partners, colleagues, family members and ambassadors of peace and justice. 
Rev. Ward served for four years as co-chair of the UUMA’s CENTER committee (Continuing Education arm of the UU Ministers Association) and he currently serves on the Ministerial Fellowship Committee preparing our future ministers for successful service. His spiritual practices include Vipassana meditation, storytelling, exercise and multicultural travel.