2014 Commitment Campaign

Dear Member or Friend,

“You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving.”

This statement is our inspiration for the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica’s 2014 Commitment Campaign.

UUCCSM’s annual Commitment Campaign is when we all, as members and friends of the UUCCSM, pledge our collective resources toward our mutual home and mission.  When we give deeply of what we have (and when we do so with love), we keep our church thriving, for all of us. Pledges represent more than 75% of our church’s annual budget. It is this annual generosity, given by you either in a single check or through the convenience of monthly automatic payments, that supports most of what it takes to keep our doors open to all who seek what we have to offer.

The Fundraising Committee has decided to ask you, and all members of the congregation we cherish, to increase your pledge to UUCCSM for 2014 by at least 5%. The committee members are attempting to do the same. For some of us, 5% is a stretch and may not be possible this year, and for others, the increase will be more. We’re asking you, if it’s within your ability, to please consider giving more. Please, if you can, increase your pledge for 2014 by at least 5%.

How much more should you give? That’s up to you. If you can give a little more, please give a little more. If you can give a lot more, please do so. If you absolutely can’t give more, that’s okay too. It’s up to you. But we do hope and trust that, when you fill out the enclosed pledge card (and return it to the church office in the enclosed reply envelope), you will make a commitment that is meaningful and transformative…for you, for the church we share, and for the community we serve.

On Sunday, October 20 we officially kick off the Commitment Campaign and invite you to join us and make your commitment for 2014. We ask you to consider how much you love our church, and that you will offer a donation for 2014 that is meaningful to you.

With gratitude for your generous pledge,

Your UUCCSM Stewardship Committee
Teri Bond and Lucy Hahn, Co-Chairs
Nicole and Leon Henderson-MacLennan
Jila Tayefehnowrooz

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