Christmas Pageant (4 p.m.)

Sunday, December 24, 2017 - 4:00pm
Rev. Greg Ward

.Our Holiday pageant “Would You Like to Hold the Baby?” will take place at our 4pm Christmas Eve service this year. 

The pageant will showcase all the characters you know and love including the Friendly Beasts! 
Join us for a Christmas Nativity pageant in word and song by Joyce Poley and Frank Henning. 
This is the timeless story of Mary and Joseph, the Kings and the Shepherds, with the addition of a new character - a young stable girl. As Mary invites the girl to hold her Baby, so we are invited to embrace the deepest meaning Christmas holds for each one of us. 
Parking is provided at the UCLA structure for this special family friendly event!
Director of Religious Education Kathleen Hogue invites families to this informal and fun afternoon service.  Children will rejoice with beautiful holiday music, including a sing-along of old favorites.