Darwin, Natural Faith and the New Story

Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 10:00am
James Witker
Pulpit Host: 
Dorothy Steinicke
Darwin, Natural Faith, and the New Story Darwin's legacy transformed modern scientific understanding *and* liberal religion, upending prior certainties that were thousands of years old; and both challenging and expanding concepts of god(s) and the divine. Emerson and Thoreau, Transcendentalists who came out of the Unitarian tradition, had already helped to kindle a new ethic of interconnectedness with nature, and they accepted Darwin's work when it was shocking and brand new. But it’s still shocking today. Evolution is accepted scientific fact, but a significantly large (nearly half, according to surveys) number of people in our country still don’t accept it. Why are science and religon still so often at war? As Unitarian Universalists, are we attuned to the New Story that is emerging?

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