Imagine a Church...

Imagine walking into a church where you are surrounded by people who believe in the freedom of religious expression. You’re part of a community where each person is encouraged to explore their individual faith. Unitarian Universalists embark on this ever-changing, self-transforming, lifelong search for truth with the support of a community of fellow seekers.

Imagine being welcome in a church, whatever your gender identity, sexual orientation, racial identity, or class. Our Principles call us to affirm the worth and dignity of every individual, to accept one another, and to foster each other’s spiritual growth. Many people coming from interfaith families find a religious home in our Unitarian Universalist church, where each partner’s beliefs and traditions are honored.

Sitting inside for religious services, imagine listening to music from Mozart or from Mozambique…hearing the inspiring words of Thoreau or Maya Angelou. At church Services, the music and readings may be taken from sources as old and varied as the Torah, Koran, Bible, or Native American and African works. The Service and music may also be inspired by something as timely as today’s headlines or popular tunes.

Imagine a “green” sanctuary, where the gardens and grounds of the church are a vital part of the spiritual landscape. We care deeply about our “footprint upon the earth" by continually improving our energy usage, recycling, drought-resistant planting, etc.

Imagine a church where children and youth grow up learning about the world’s major religions, fostering a greater sense of world citizenship. They learn about the rich history of Unitarian and Universalist forebearers, such as John Adams (second U.S. President), Susan B. Anthony (who worked for women’s rights), Alexander Graham Bell (Telephone inventor), Clara Barton (Red Cross Founder) and many more. Ethical living is a cornerstone of the religious education program for children and youth, where they are taught to put their faith into “action” and make the world a better place!

Imagine a place populated by people dedicated to social justice and community. Church members of all ages regularly participate in various community action projects -- whether it’s cleaning up a local beach, helping out the homeless, or advocating for civil rights with grass roots organization and mobilization of voters.

CAN YOU IMAGINE YOURSELF as part of a group of people with a common goal of peace, justice and liberty for all? Come join us!