General parking is on the street, but we prefer that for Sunday services (and occasional specially-authorized Church events), our members and visitors park at the UCLA Hospital parking structure at 16th & Arizona. You can download and print either a General (Non-Sunday) Pass or a Sunday Pass.  Please note: the general (non-Sunday) parking pass can be used only for events when special parking arrangements have been made by the Church. 

Sunday entry is allowed from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (you may stay as long as you like; no attendant is necessary for exit). Passes also are available at the Visitor's Information table in the courtyard and the Membership Center in Forbes Hall.

To free up parking spaces near the church for visitors and members who have difficulty walking, please use your pass on Sunday. (We try very hard to be good neighbors to the residents who live near us, and parking is an important part of that effort. Please see our "Good Neighbor Parking Impact Reduction Plan" for more information.)