Path to Membership

The journalist and climate activist Bill McKibben has written about moving our society from one obsessed with ownership and acquisition to one blessed by membership and belonging. At this liberal community church, we are doing what we can to live that vision of blessing.

If you feel UUCCSM might be your spiritual home, a place where you think you might grow to feel a sense of membership and belonging, we invite you to:
• Attend a Visitor Meetup, an informal get-together held on Sundays after church as announced in the events calendar. It is a time to learn more about Unitarian Universalism, our Church community, and the opportunities of growth and connection through many of our Adult programs. There will be time for any questions you may have, and information about the steps to membership.
• Meet one-on-one with the minister. To schedule a meeting, contact the Church Office at or 310-829-5436 x100.
• Confirm your intention to become a voting member of our participatory and democratic congregation:
• Complete a Membership Packet and return it to the church office
• Contribute a pledge or annual financial gift
• Participate in a New Member Sunday Service to be introduced to our community.
If you choose to become a member, we ask that you:
• Attend worship services as you are able. 
• Participate in at least one program a year that deepens your faith.
 •Participate in one outreach ministry that serves the wider community.
• Strive to reach a level of financial giving that is meaningful and makes you feel good.