Questions & Answers

We are located at 1260 18th St. (at the corner of 18th & Arizona), in Santa Monica, California. A map, driving directions and information about which bus routes run closest to us can be found here.

Street parking is limited, but people attending our Sunday services may park in the the UCLA Hospital parking structure at 16th & Arizona. The garage does require a parking pass, which you can print here. (Note: a map to the garage is included on the pass.)

Sunday services are at 9 and 11 a.m. during the fall, winter and spring, and 10 a.m. during the summer ("fall" begins in September, "summer" begins in late June or early July - check our front page if you want to know when the schedule changes). Sermons are the same at both the 9 and 11 a.m. services, though some other elements of the service may differ.

In keeping with the fairly relaxed character of the overall Los Angeles area, we do not have a dress code, and our attendees have a wide range of personal styles. Some people prefer to wear business or "Sunday" clothes to our services, while others prefer more "come as you are" attire. Wear whatever you're comfortable in when meeting new people, and you'll fit in just fine.

Visiting children are welcome in both our nursery and Religious Exploration classes, whether it's just a one-time attendance or several weeks of visitation. Visiting parents are also welcome to attend our RE classes with their children, for as long as it takes the child to feel comfortable in class without you.

There are Greeters on duty outside our front door before each Sunday service, and in Forbes Hall after the services, who will be glad to chat, show you where to go and answer your questions. Also, look for volunteers wearing "Ask Me" buttons, who can answer more detailed questions during the coffee period after the services. Of course, the rest of us are quite friendly, too - so please feel free to introduce yourself to your neighbors in the pews, and to others before and after the service. We'd love to meet you!

Attending services and other events is the best way to get to know us, but other resources are available, too. Guests who sign in at the table in the front courtyard before the services will receive the online version of our monthly newsletter, weekly announcements and an invitation to the next Newcomer Orientation.

If you decide you're interested in joining the church, our Greeters can provide you with a membership packet. A few days later, you'll receive a call from a member of our Stewardship Committee, who will provide information about the next Newcomer Orientation session (if you haven't already attended one), and tell you about the rights and responsibilities of church membership. Next, you'll fill out a membership card, pledge form and interest survey, and sign our membership book.

We have assembled answers to the questions most frequently asked about our church and about Unitarian Universalism. Please feel free to ask your own questions of any members before or after church services or by calling the church office.