Questions & Answers

Our services are based on a wide variety of texts, traditions and experiences. For a good overview, see our list of past sermons (which includes links to the texts of sermons by our staff ministers).

Some of our members were raised in Unitarian Universalist churches, but just as many have come to us from other faith traditions. We have many members who were raised Catholic, Protestant or Jewish, many who grew up (and may still remain) atheist or agnostic, and many whose spiritual journeys have led them to sample a wide range of religions throughout their lives. Unitarian Universalism draws messages from all of these, and more, and we welcome people from any and all theological backgrounds who are looking for a new, non-creedal spiritual home.

Yes! There is a coffee/social period after each service, in Forbes Hall at the back of the church. All members, friends and visitors are welcome - please come enjoy our hospitality, chat with our members and introduce yourself. You'll also find official greeters there, and several volunteers wearing "Ask Me" buttons, who can answer all your questions about our church.

We have a wide range of social activities and groups, for people of all ages. Many ongoing groups are listed on our Activities and Special Interest Groups pages... and you'll find other Special Events in our Calendar section.

We have a full program of Religious Exploration for kids from age 3 through high school, as well as nursery care for babies and children under age 3, and the Our Whole Lives (OWL) program for sexuality education. The RE program also sponsors social events and activities for children throughout the year, including a Halloween event, cookie bake, winter holiday pageant, Secret Pals program, and many others.

Yes...and, most emphatically, yes! See our Choir Information page and "The Top 10 Reasons for Not Joining the Choir...and Why That's No Excuse!" for all the details. We'd love to have you join us!

Everyone is welcome. Our community strives to be inclusive of all people, whatever their religious background, race, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, or ability. The spirit of our faith is for everyone. Together, we become a welcoming congregation.

Our "Welcoming Congregation" status signifies that we have adopted a resolution to:

...affirm bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender persons, to be responsive to their concerns, and to celebrate and be inclusive of bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender persons as members of our church community and our community at large.

But this does not mean we are an exclusively "gay" church...just that we welcome everyone.

Please contact the church office via email or call us at (310) 829-5436 -- we'll be happy to answer your questions!