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December, 2018
Bettye Barclay: Now and Then
The last Art Wall of the year, Now & Then by Bettye Barclay, kicks off with an opening reception on Sunday, December 2 from 10 am to 1 pm. In collaboration with the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica, the exhibit showcases the human quest for truth and knowledge through various stages of life.
“For me, art serves as a visual expression of the cycles and changes that are part of life. My artwork in different mediums is an attempt to explore those various aspects of life, and acknowledging the constant flux and change [of life]”, said Barclay.
Barclay’s award-winning multimedia creations take form in raku clay, fused glass, and her recent explorations in acrylic pour painting.
Barclay’s paintings were exhibited in both solo and group shows at many local venues including the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art at Pepperdine, the Pete and Susan Barrett Gallery, and L.A. Artcore Brewery Annex among others. Her artwork is featured in collections throughout multiple states including California, Hawaii, Texas, and Colorado.
From 1983 to 1998, Barclay’s main medium was clay. During those years, her one-of-a-kind pieces sold in fine craft galleries throughout the United States. She won awards in local and national competitions for her work in both clay and acrylic mediums. Barclay’s masterpieces can be found in collections in the U.S., Hong Kong, Korea, Canada, and Australia.
Several years ago, Barclay explored fused glass themes in Seasons of the Heart and developed a series of stylized figures that will be shown at the December Art Wall.
The Now and Then exhibit will run through the end of the month of December. It follows November’s Art Wall feature, Reflections, by Poverny.  During the reception on December 2, many other pieces of Barclay’s work will be available for your consideration.
Featured artists at the monthly Art Wall exhibits donate 20 percent of all proceeds to UUSM.
Contact Art Director Beverly Alison for further info about this show. For appointments, contact the church office: Nancy at or 310-829-5436 x102. On Sundays, follow the signs to church parking. Handicap parking is available behind the church.
November, 2018
Sculptures on the Wall: An Exhibition by Reed Poverny
The Opening Reception for Sculptures On the Wall by Reed Poverny will be held on Sunday, November 4th from 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm. Poverny will be showing five of his recent sculptural wall hangings and will be available to discuss the inspirations for his work at the reception. The exhibit will be open every Sunday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm and on weekdays by appointment. It will run through November 25th. The exhibit is free and open to the public.
Poverny makes his sculptures from fine wood (Canary wood, African Blackwood, and a board of Mexican Ziricote, Lignum Vitae, to name a few), found objects, glass, nails, metal, fishing line, and whatever else he needs to create an image.
The three pieces pictured here will be part of the show; all three were created in 2018.
Other was crafted from wood, metal, and glass.
Elegy was created from metal and persimmon wood.
A glass, darkly was crafted from wood, metal, and glass.
Our Art Director, Beverly Alison, found Povery’s work at an Art Show in Anaheim. She was taken by his work, but the pieces she saw were freestanding and she didn’t know if they could be displayed on our Art Wall. Poverny came to the church, made sure that our hanging hardware could bear the weight of his pieces, and figured out a way to attach his art to our cables. He will be displaying five pieces that will fill the entire wall.
Contact Our Art Director, Beverly Alison, at for further information about this show or about exhibiting on our Art Wall.
For weekday appointments contact Nancy at or 310-829-5436 ext. 102.
October, 2018
Bonnie Lambert
Bonnie Lambert will be showing New Light, a collection of her most recent works in vivid oils, in the gallery in Forbes Hall in October. You will likely recognize the locations of some of the subjects of her paintings. The Opening Reception will be held on Sunday, October 7, from 12:00–1:30 pm. The exhibit will be open every Sunday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm and on weekdays by appointment. It will run through October 28. It is free and open to the public.
In Lambert’s words: “Using vibrant color and expressive brushstrokes, my oil paintings contrast the beauty of the natural world with the ‘hand of man’ in local urban settings. Nature plays a prominent role in my use of color and light. I’m drawn to spectacular sunsets and sunrises, the shock of skies before and after showers, late afternoon light stretching long shadows, and fog blurring the world.
“My mission is to communicate the joyous, wild beauty of nature reflected through urban spaces. I ask viewers to observe objects so common that they’ve become invisible, and to see them in a new light.”
Lambert earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and she was a professional actress for nearly two decades. In the early 1990s she studied art for two years at The Art Center School of Design in Pasadena before she met her mentor–museum-collected Latina artist Margaret Garcia in 2009. Since Lambert’s first solo exhibit in 2011, she has participated in more than 80 shows and exhibitions in galleries and museums. Her theatrical background lends natural drama and mystery to her work which brings out joy and celebration.
Contact Our Art Director, Beverly Alison for further info about this show or about exhibiting on our Art Wall.
September, 2018
ZAP: An Exhibition by Artists in Eastern Zimbabwe

ZAP: An exhibition by Artists in Eastern Zimbabwe
Opening Reception Sunday, September 2
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM • Forbes Hall

zimbabweart.jpgJoin us for the September Art Wall Opening Reception for ZAP (the Zimbabwe Artists Project) on Sunday, September 2nd from 11:00am to 12:30pm. ZAP roots go back to 1982 when a social activist created a training center to bring badly needed income to the Weya region of Eastern Zimbabwe. The show is open every Sunday from 9:30 am until 12 noon and on weekdays by appointment. It will run through Sunday, September 30.
ZAP partners with Weya artists to strengthen self-sufficiency, build cultural understanding, and create educational opportunities. Two years after Zimbabwe’s independence, the Weya Community Training Centre was founded by the social and political activist, Amon Shonge. The Center was built to offer vocational courses about agriculture, carpentry, motor mechanics, dress-making, etc. to members of the local community. In 1987 Weya Art was added. Zimbabwe went through some rough times but the center was given new life when students from two U.S. universities visited and brought back art work from the center. These are the roots of ZAP.
ZAP buys art directly from the artists and sells it to people in the U.S. who are looking for beautiful and meaningful art and who want to support their artistic talents.
Women of the Weya region are subsistence farmers, mothers, householders, and artists. Sales help women afford food, clothing, school fees, medicines, transport, seeds and fertilizer. The market for Weya art in Zimbabwe is extremely limited, sales in the U.S. are critical. ZAP celebrates the artistry and accomplishments of these talented women (and a few men) and supports their efforts to become economically self-sufficient. For more information contact:
Painted boards are $50 to $70, the 2’ x 1’ boards fabric paintings are $70, the embroideries and quilted appliques are priced individually. Each piece comes with the artist’s photo and biography.
Contact Our Art Director, Beverly Alison for further info about this show or about exhibiting on our Art Wall.
August, 2018
The Cosmos: An Exhibition by Raoul de la Sota, Olga Seem, Howard Swerdloff
Join us for the Opening Reception for The Cosmos on Sunday, August 5 from 11 am to 12:30 pm. Three artists with very interesting talents will be showing their recent works. The show is open every Sunday from 9:30 am until noon and on weekdays by appointment and will run through August 26.
Raoul de la Sota received his Bachelors and Masters of Arts from UCLA. He was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship for a year art studies in Peru, which changed his life by exposing him to a culture rich in folklore, cosmological beliefs and artistic marvels. He taught painting, drawing and Mexican Art History at Los Angeles City College until 2015. “My interest in cosmic subject matter came from the myths of various cultures that I discussed in my Art History classes. These stories have influenced my work for the past six years in which I have artistically explored the Northwest Coast, Inuit, Navajo, Mayan and Incan sky beliefs,” says de la Sota. “The work in this exhibit illustrates the sky from the Far East to the horizons close to us in the western world.”
Olga Seem says, “As I reach my autumnal years my work has segued from ocean subject-matter to the celestial. My choice of subject is always in flux. Current work is involved with interpreting the world of planets and their counterparts. However, I have not abandoned my interest in sea life, as I see a metaphorical relationship between sea and sky.”
Howard Swerdloff describes himself as an eclectic artist who has created original, non-mainstream works of art for the past 40 years. He mixes media from painting to wood sculpture to ceramics to gourd art with fluid dexterity, intersecting cultures and disciplines without barriers. As an artist and designer he has become a favorite resource for many celebrated artists in the Los Angeles area, including the renowned artists Frank Romero, Charles Dixon, Raoul de la Sota, Pat Boyd and many others, creating design elements, fabrication, and presentation design. He has been a gallery owner and curator for numerous exhibitions, performances and artist dialogues.
Contact our Art Director, Beverly Alison for further information about this show or about exhibiting on our Art Wall.
Bob Dietz
July, 2018
Join Us in July for Our Annual Congregational Art Wall Show
The Art Wall Opening Reception for UU Santa Monica Artists will be held on Sunday, July 1, from 11 am to 12:30 pm. This annual event, hosted by Diana Spears, includes art created by our own UUSM members. Come down and see some of the amazing talent we have within our own community! A variety of mediums will be on display, including some for sale. From ceramics to paintings and photographs, there will be a whole lot of talent on display!
Artists for this year’s UUSM Member Art Wall include: Jeremy Arnold, Bettye Barclay, Ralph Martel, Tom Peters, Carol Ring, and Greg Wood.
June, 2018
Faith in Action Committee

June Art Wall : Faith in Action Committee
OpeningReception: Sun, June 3, 11 am to 12:30 pm.  Forbes Hall

Please join us in June when we will present art and other inspiring visuals from UUSM’s own Faith In Action Committee. Activism has never been more important – so come and get inspired. The Faith In Action Commission (FIA) is an umbrella group composed of four committees – Peace and Social Justice (PSJ), Green Living, Hunger Task Force, and Interweave. Over the past year, FIA has participated in many events throughout Los Angeles, including the Women’s March, March for Science, the March for Our Lives, Interfaith Solidarity March, and more.
Last year’s Art Wall was a tremendous success, and also a wonderful and timely reminder of the important work we do in the community. The show will run through Sun, June 24.


July Art Wall Features Work by Church Members

Confirmed artists for the July Church Artists Art Wall are: Bettye Barclay, Jeremy Arnold, Ralph Martel, Tom Peters, Carol Ring, Diana Spears, and Greg Wood. If you wish to participate, June 9 is the deadline to contact organizer Diana Spears.
May, 2018
Art by UUSM Children and Youth
Opening Reception Sunday, May 6 • 12:00 Noon • Forbes Hall
The May Art Wall will feature work by the children and youth of UUSM, with sales to benefit the Religious Exploration program. Join us to celebrate our young artists, and consider making a purchase.
Contact our Art Director, Beverly Alison for further information about this show or about exhibiting on our Art Wall.
Imaginative cityscape by Delaney Hutchinson
April, 2018
Father and Daughter: Tom and Ellie Peters
Opening Reception Sunday, April 8, noon. Forbes Hall
Ellie Peters has created art work worthy of attention since she was quite small. After four years of art classes at Mission Renaissance School of Art, where she was taught techniques and kept on task, her art work has become more refined.
Tom Peters has enjoyed creating work in photography and painting for over 40 years. Tom self-published three books
featuring his art work, and just recently published a memoir titled, “Step Away from the War.”
Contact our Art Director, Beverly Alison for further information about this show or about exhibiting on our Art Wall.
March, 2018
Don't Miss Los Angeles-Based Legendary Chicana Artist Margaret Garcia

Please join us for our March Art Wall Opening Reception on Sunday, March 4, from noon to 1:30 pm. You won’t want to miss the chance check out the highly celebrated works of Chicana artist Margaret Garcia. Garcia brings her artistic sensibilities gained from a lifetime of living in Los Angeles. The show will run until March 25.

Garcia relates of her childhood and artistic viewpoint: “I grew up in Boyle Heights / East L.A. … the refuge of many displaced residents of Chavez Ravine. Considered a haven for some of the lefties, Jews, Russians, Japanese, African-Americans, and Mexicans, I learned tolerance, which was reinforced by a diversity of teachers as well as my father and grandmother; I flourished and appreciated the differences…Yet with all of that it wasn’t until 1969 that I learned and embraced the term Chicano. The term allows me to embrace all facets of my culture and became like a rebirth of my identity. It doesn’t mean that every work of art I do must be culturally identifiable, political, representational, or even colorful. Though I don’t avoid those things, I define Chicano Art by producing it.”

Margaret Garcia is a practicing and regularly exhibiting artist and teacher in Los Angeles. Her work is represented in museums and collections such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, National Museum of Mexican Art, and the Cheech Marin Collection. She received the William Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award, the Feitelson/Lundberg Award, and, California Community Foundation Grant, among others. As a mentor, she nurtures and teaches and has taught a good number of artists in her community.

Contact our Art Director, Beverly Alison, for further information about this show or about exhibiting on our Art Wall.