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October, 2019
California Landscapes by Roy Patience
The Opening Reception for Roy Patience’s photography exhibit, California Landscapes, will be held at UU Santa Monica on Sunday, October 6, 2019, from 11:00 am until 12:30 pm.
Patience began his photographic journey when he was 17 years old after his brother gave him a Pentax single-lens reflex camera. You’ll be able to ask him more about his journey at the reception. Light snacks will be provided.
The exhibit will be open every Sunday from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon and on weekdays by appointment through October 27. The exhibit is free and open to the public.
September, 2019
Vietnam: Land of Diversity
The Opening Reception for Vietnam: Land of Diversity, a collection of paintings from Vietnam, will be held on Sunday, September 8 from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm. These works were gathered by Rhoda Lurie this year. At the reception more than 100 painting will be available for your consideration. Light snacks will be provided.
The exhibit will be open every Sunday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm and on weekdays by appointment through September 29th. The exhibit is free and open to the public.
Rhoda Lurie is an Art Historian who has traversed the many exotic places in the world in pursuit of art and artifacts. She has been to 79 countries and has brought back many items that have enriched many people’s lives.
The Vietnam: Land of Diversity exhibition features many artists that Lurie found as she searched Vietnam earlier this year. She was especially interested in people from the Hill tribes: the Hmong, Tay, Red Dao and Giay in the Sapa areas of the Northwest part of Vietnam.
The colorful paintings in this collection reflect the people, their traditional dress, village life and more. Lurie loved the ethnic diversity, the freedom of the paintings and the beauty that they display. Many of the paintings are on rice paper or canvas. Charcoal drawings, collages and calligraphic paintings in a variety of shapes and sizes add to the wide range of this extensive collection. Each picture is individually matted and ready for framing. A biography of the artist is attached to each picture.
You are invited to enrich your home with a painting or two from this unique and unusual collection.
Contact Art Director, Beverly Alison for further info about this show.
For appointments contact the church office: Cyndee at 310-829-5436 x102
On Sundays, follow the signs to church parking. Handicap parking is available behind the church.
August, 2019
Charles Haskell: The First UU Principle

Charles Haskell

Art Wall Opening Reception, Sunday, August 4, 2019: UUSM’s own Charles Haskell is featured as the August Artist of the Month with his display of portraiture titled “The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person.” The reception will be Sunday, August 4 at 11 am in Forbes during coffee hour. Lunch will be served. Haskell plans to photograph members after the services on August 11, 18, and 25.
About the Artist of the Month:
Charles Haskell has provided portrait photographic services at no charge to nonprofit organizations since 2003. The organizations served include the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica, the Westside Coalition and its member agencies, the Santa Monica Family YMCA, and the volunteers of the Santa Monica Library, among others.
Haskell Photography is available for portrait photography services to individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations willing to make donations to suggested charities.
Charles served as professor of medicine at UCLA until his retirement, after which he was named Professor Emeritus. He made major contributions to cancer research and treatment in his 35+ year career. In March 2019, Marquis Who’s Who, the world’s premier publisher of biographical profiles, named Haskell as the recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.
Married and devoted to his wife Christine, his daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter, Charles has contributed to UUSM in a great many capacities during his nearly forty years as a member, including serving on the Board, on the bylaws committee, and by providing his amazing photography skills for our directory and website (
July, 2019
Faith in Action Art Wall & Craft Fair
Faith in Action's annual congregation fundraising Arts & Craft Fair Art Wall Reception is scheduled for Sunday, July 7 at Forbes Hall, during coffee hour after member Leonard Cachola's sermon titled "Journey to Community Starts From Within," as a commencement to the monthly worship theme, Liberation.
This annual event, hosted by Diana Spears, includes art created by our own UUSM members. Come down and see some of the amazing talent we have within our own community! A variety of mediums will be on display, including some for sale. From ceramics to paintings and photographs, there will be a whole lot of talent on display.
Artists for this year’s UUSM Member Art Wall include: Jeremy Arnold, Bettye Barclay, Ralph Martel, Tom Peters, Carol Ring, and Greg Wood and many other talented members of our community.
Activism has never been more important – so come and get inspired. The Faith In Action Commission (FIA) is an umbrella group composed of four committees – Peace and Social Justice (PSJ), Green Living, Hunger Task Force, and Interweave. Over the past year, FIA has participated in many events throughout Los Angeles, including the Women’s March, March for Science, the March for Our Lives, Interfaith Solidarity March, and more.
Action is based on careful research, analysis and thoughtful study embracing service, education, witness and advocacy issues through a range of activities including task forces, community organizing, study groups, alliance building, committees and ad hoc groups as needed. The Faith In Action Commission.
The mission of the Faith In Action Commission is to coordinate social action efforts in the church, empowering the congregation to choose social justice issues for study and action, and integrating those activities fully into the overall life of the congregation in a way that is rooted in the moral and ethical values of our faith, as expressed in our View sion Statement and the Principles and Purposes and Statements of Conscience of the Unitarian Universalist Association.


June, 2019
Faith in Action
Join member and friends this first weekend of June for the Art Wall Opening Reception, featuring UUSM’s Faith In Action Committee (FIA).  The reception will be held on Sunday, June 2, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Forbes Hall.
Faith In Action is an active committee of UUSM and currently acts as an umbrella for other church committees, including the Peace and Social Justice group.
Over the past year, FIA has hosted many important events focusing on peace in the Middle East, the economy and labor rights with emphasis on hotel workers, racism and police brutality, and immigration and immigrant detention.
Recently, FIA hosted more than 40 energetic, committed young people in their late teens and twenties filled the Sanctuary and campus on last month to organize for climate justice.
What’s next for Faith In Action? Come to the Art Wall reception on Sunday and find out, because sometimes, word of mouth still works.
Contact Cyndee at, 310-829-5436 ext. 102 for info or appointments. Contact Beverly Alison for further info about the artist or about exhibiting on the Art Wall at UU Santa Monica. Contact Roberta Frye for any FIA  related matters at
May, 2019
Children's Religious Exploration Art
On Sunday, May 5, for this month’s Art Wall opening reception, Kathleen Hogue, Director of Religious Exploration, members, and friends will gather at Forbes Hall after both services to celebrate yet another way for children to experience and learn from the community about the value of art, for one of Hogue’s final projects before her departure.
The art wall for the month of May features works created individually and collaboratively by UU Santa Monica children, youth, teachers, parents, and staff. The collaborations and sculptures by young artists, in pleasant spring tones, are a reminder of the fragile environment they will inherit. The collection reminds the viewer of our connections to one another, to our home on earth, and to what kids begin to understand as life.
Teri Lucas, Assistant to the DRE, said the kids’ work is one of the best collections in the years since the art wall started featuring their work.
“It’s not often our hard-working art director takes breaks from her rigorous curation all year-round.”
The art pieces are one of a kind, generational contribution to the church and represent our devotion to our youth in a knit-tight community. Proceeds will benefit the RE Assistant fund that supports the RE program.
April, 2019
Phillip Timper's Themes of Vibrant Colors
Art Wall Opening Reception: Sunday, April 7, 2019 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Phillip Timper decided to become an artist very early in life. A Midwestern boy, he started landscape painting at age 9, lived in the art room during high school, and painted his way through college. He moved into a design and illustration career as an adult. However, his love of art and painting persisted and he continued to paint and make art to this day.
he April Art Wall Opening Reception on Sunday, April 7, 2019 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm will showcase works depicting themes of exhilarating colors and familiar images to Timper, a prolific oil painter, and muralist from Prescott, Arizona.
Timper chooses oil paint, watercolor and pencil as his choice of media to reflect the world around him, focusing on capturing images to explore subjects of quiet moments filled charged emotional moments of everyday life.  Although the perspective in the matter changes from work to work, Timper presents an unforgettable array of colors that tie these themes together at this exhibit. 
"Think of painting as you might think of language. There are thousands of languages spoken today all with the same purpose, communication,” Timper said.
Timper’s current works depict his gritty devotion to capture his fellow humanoids in natural habitats that can be observed in the Blues n Brews Festival Series, The Abstraction Series, and the Desert Animal Gift Collection.
The opening reception will be from 12 noon to 1:30 pm in Forbes Hall, April 4, after the Sunday morning services. The exhibit will go through the end of April. For appointments, contact Cyndee Hayes at or 310-829-5436 x102. Accessible parking is available behind the church.
About UUSM: The Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica (UUSM) is is part of a religious movement committed to Seven Principles that include the worth of each person, the need for justice and compassion, and the right to choose one’s own beliefs.  Our congregation and faith community promotes these principles through regular worship, learning and personal growth, sharedconnection and care, social justice action and service, celebration of life’s transitions, and much more. The mission of UUSM is to build a congregational home that supports our vision, that provides opportunities for spiritual and personal growth in an interactive and intergenerational community, that is welcoming and inclusive and that assumes an active responsibility for our community and world. - Ratified by congregational vote, May 20, 2001.
March, 2019
Carol Ring and Diana Spears
he March Art Wall Exhibit kicks off with a reception on Sunday, March 3 at 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm in Forbes Hall.  This month’s exhibit features a collaboration of the work of two talented artists who are members of our church.

Carol Ring

Carol Ring is a graphic designer and artist whose work is generated from her collection of abstract photos, taken over many years. She has developed a unique style of combining and layering photos, using translucent filters in Photoshop. Lately adding words or sentences to the mix, she has chosen to print these 8” x 8” pieces with a process of infused dyes onto coated brushed aluminum.
This is Carol’s eighth show, fourth on the UUSM Art Wall in the last 15 years; her award-winning work hangs in both private and corporate collections.
In her current exhibition, “Just Say Yes,” Carol has pared her message down to the single word YES, along with a few other affirmative words or phrases, quotes from Carl G. Jung, Eckhart Tolle and Dag Hammarskjold. All convey the positive notion: To get what you want, want what you get.
“It seems to be characteristic of the human condition that how we mentally label an experience (i.e., ‘good’ or ‘bad’) determines how we feel about it. In other words, we suffer when we want things to be different from how they are,” Carol said.
As Tina Fey advises in this pointer toward a happier life: “Say Yes. You’ll figure it out afterward.”
See these and more of Carol Ring’s work at

Diana Spears

Diana Spears’ work will also be featured during the month of March.  Spears’ work will center around the UU principle of the interconnected web of all creation — animal, mineral, vegetable. The pictorial essay-style exhibition brings significant attention to the way humans hurt themselves and still survive by forgiving despite not forgetting the pain.  
“Without err there would be no evolution as mutation is a variable built into the system of creation itself,” Spears said. “There is no is that isn’t; without the ying there is no yang; we are subsumed in each other. Those who deny this reality live in hubris and can cause great harm.”  People can forgive the words said but will remember how it made them feel. The err is not just a human phenomenon, but also part of the realms of creation — all reflected in this exhibit.
To view this month’s exhibit after the March 3 reception, contact Nancy Thompson. Accessible parking is available behind the church.
Contact Beverly Alison for Art Wall inquiries.
February, 2019
“Cover to Cover” by Gillian Renault
The February Art Wall will feature Gillian Renault’s “Cover to Cover”  with an opening  reception on Sunday, February 3 from 12 to 1:30 pm in Forbes Hall, immediately after services.
“Cover to Cover” chronicles the story of Renault father’s life— the highs and lows, as she describes it. The pieces are designed to encourage people to contemplate the strengths and flaws of the lives of their parents and elders, and how their lives were shaped by them. All to better understand how people can carry their elders in their psyches forever.
“I want the work to inspire people to contemplate their own relationships with parents or elders whom they [may] have lost through death or for other reasons,” Renault said. “That’s why I show it. I hope people leave the show changed, even if just a little.”
Renault’s work was featured in Atlanta, Georgia by UU’s First Existentialist congregation, at Mercer University, and at Richards Gallery at Georgia Tech University. Another similar work featuring her maternal relationship first premiered in Atlanta in 2002. These works are not for sale, as letting go of any of this art would be like cutting a chapter out of a novel or cutting years out of the artist’s own life.
Born on the island of Jersey in the English Channel, Renault is a self-taught artist who has lived in the United States since the 1970s. In 2012, with 25 years of media experience, she pivoted professionally and completed a 2-year chaplaincy program at the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe. She then was ordained as a Buddhist lay minister and is now a hospice chaplain.
To view this month’s installment after the February 3 reception, contact Nancy Thompson at or dial 310-829-5436 x102. Accessible parking is available behind the church. Contact the art director for inquiries on art wall availability.
-- Diego Andres
January, 2019
Color Study by C. Nolan Fansler
January’s Art Wall, which kicks off with a reception on Sunday, January 6, features the collection Color Study by artist C. Nolan Fansler. The paintings in Color Study explore the moods expressed by various colors.
nolanfansler3.jpgFansler said, “The paintings in this series function as hypnotic meditations and puzzles. The goal of each is a glimpse at how strange and ever changing color really is. I used colors that pulled deep within a wall and bright hues that pushed into the middle of a room. In the process of arranging these dollops and strokes of color I began to think of color in terms of stacking floors in a sky scraper. I also started to see individual colors as having moods or personalities based on their pushing/pulling positions in the room.”
“While these paintings play with depth and projection they also encourage the viewer to notice how relative color is based on the note it’s layered upon. This observation made me think long and hard about the relativity of color and mood. The work in this show is on view because I discovered something new and rewarding in each piece,” he added.
 Color Study 2 Color Study 3 Color Study 4
C. Nolan Fansler was born in 1990 and grew up in the Bay Area. He is a third generation self-taught painter. His work primarily plays with the boundary between figuration and abstraction where interpretation is most open. Nolan currently works out of his Highland Park studio in Los Angeles and is an assistant to Margaret Garcia and Frank Romero and a muralist for LA Works. 
The Color Study exhibition will run through the end of January. It follows December’s Now and Then exhibit by Bettye Barclay.
Contact Art Director Beverly Alison for more information about exhibiting at our Art Wall events. For appointments, contact Nancy in the church office at or 310-829-5436 x102. On Sundays, follow the signs to church parking. Handicap parking is available behind the church.