January, 2016

Katya Kompanesyets

Join us in welcoming the accomplished artist, Katya Kompanesyets, our first featured Artist of 2016. The Opening Reception for “Paintings by Katya,” will be held on Sunday, January 3, from 12 noon to 1:30 pm, in Forbes Hall. The show is free and will run through Sunday, January 31. It is open to the public on Sundays from 9 am to 1 pm and on weekdays by appointment. All works are for sale.

We are pleased to welcome Kompaneyets, whose deep artistic roots reach back to the 1960s in Moscow, where she graduated from the Moscow Fine Arts School in 1964 and from the Moscow Textile University in 1969 with a Masters Degree in Design and Decorative Arts. Before she left Russia for Southern California over 30 years ago, some of her costume designs were banned in Russia. Her active career in California includes: designing and painting large murals in homes throughout southern California, teaching art in her studio and at many various venues, helping people expand their art collections, designing and creating sets and costumes for schools, consulting for USC concerning period costumes from Tolstoy’s time, publishing articles about art, creating book covers, painting, and showing her work in galleries.

Her paintings have focused on still life scenes, portraiture, nudes, and landscapes. Her paintings are in many private collections in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Carmel, San Francisco, New York, and Boston. Her work includes commissioned painting as well as helping clients to build art collections, with an emphasis on collecting works of historical and contemporary California artists.

Contact Beverly Alison for further information about Katya Kompaneyets or about exhibiting on the Art Wall at UU Santa Monica.

Jackie Schwab