Pipes Lecture on Climate Change

Climate Change!   Global  Warming!  CO2 Emissions!  What is the human relationship  to this phenomenon?  How close is the tipping point?  What  can we do ?  How urgent is it?  Nothing  affects us more as individuals  or as a planet than the  weather. 
On Saturday,  October  10th at 7:30 pm, the Pipes Lecture will present  James Dusenberry  from AL Gore's Climate  Reality Project to answer some  of these critical  questions. 
Don't  miss this opportunity to  refresh  your  understanding of climate change and it's  potential as a life altering phenomenon. 
We also may have some manner  of participation by Mike Farrell on his presentation of Doctor Keeling 's Curve, whose observation first convinced  many of climate  change decades  ago.
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Diana Spears