FIA - Fundraiser for legal expenses

Post Valentine’s Day fundraiser for the Anti-KKK3
Saturday • February 25 • 6 PM • Forbes Hall
Fine Vining & Dining
(for omnivores, carnivores, vegans...)
You could go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day and spend $200 for a mediocre dinner at an overcrowded restaurant. Or you could bring your love to church, sip good wine and enjoy delicious, home-cooked food, and helpcover the legal expenses of Hugo Contreras, Mark Liddell, and Nikki Schop, who face trial in Orange County May 30.
Many of you have already contributed generously, but the bills pile up. To have your contribution tax deductible, make out a check to UUSM and write FIA-Legal in the memo line, or go to, MAKE A DONATION, check other, and type FIA–LEGAL.
For more info or if you’d like to help, contact Sarah Mae Harper at
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