Faith Forward - Inquirers Group

Session 5: Practicing our UU Faith - Small Group Connections,Heart to Heart and Our Whole Lives (OWL) program.

   Faith Forward - Inquirers Series

Sunday, November 10th - 11:30 - 12:30, Room 1, second floor of Forbes

Session 5 -  Practicing Our UU Faith through various educational and group offerings:

  • Adult Religious Exploration (Adult RE) - Presenter - Beverly Shoenberger, Chair of Adult RE
  • Heart to Heart Groups (H2H) - Presenter - Cheryl Sims, Coordinator of Heart to Heart Program
  • Our Whole Lives (OWL) - Presenter - Beth Rendeiro, Coordinator of the OWL Program - An age appropriate Sex Education Program for Children, Youth & Adults

Participants will learn:

  • About the many personal growth, discussion groups & faith formation programs for adults offered at our Church
  • About the structure, purpose, and relational connection opportunity through H2H
  • About the purpose, structure, and facilitation of the OWL Program

Please join us for this instructive opportunity.                


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Norm Richey