Faith Forward - Inquirers Group

        Faith Forward - Inquirers Series - Session 7: Social Action & Community Service

           Sunday, November 24th - 11:30 - 12:30, Room 1, second floor of Forbes

             Presenters: Sarah Mae Harper, Co-Chair of Faith in Action Committee 

                                  Linda van Ligten, Chair of Care Ring Program


Sarah Mae will talk about past and current work and focus of the Faith in Action Committee which is the umbrella committee overseeing Peace & Social Justice,  The Hunger Task Force, The Green Committee, Interweave, The Disability Group and the recent addition of Animal Ministry.   These very important Social Action committees have committed members who "walk the talk" when it comes to fighting injustice and social inequities in our community of Santa Monica and the greater Los Angles County.

Linda will talk about Care Ring, A Program that offers support for church members who are experiencing sickness, medical recuperation, or other needs.  Linda will discuss what the Care Ring can offer and cannot offer to church members during challenging times.


This is an opportunity to learn about the many social action programs offered by UUSM Church Community.  You are warmly invited to come and join the discussion.




ssion 7: Social Action and Community Service

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