RE - Faith in Action Sunday (offsite)

Turning Point

Date: November 26, 2017
Time: 9:00-11:30am
Info: We will be making lunches here at the church and then walking to Turning Point to deliver the lunches and tour the facility located at 1447 16th Street. Santa Monica, CA 90404. 

What we need for 55 sack lunches:

 -         Loaves of bread (7 total)

-         Sliced cheese (60 slices total)

-         Lettuce (4 heads)

-         Tomatoes (sliced ahead of time if possible – need 12-14 total)

-     110 Deli meat – turkey, (need enough for 55 sandwiches x 2 slices)

-         Fruit (apples, oranges, pears, bananas – RIPE, please! – need 55 total)

-         Pretzel or chip or other small bagged snacks (need 55 total)

- 55 mustard packs

-55 mayo packs

-55 lunch bags

-55 plastic sandwich bags

-55 juice boxes

Permission forms for the trip are available in the front of the sanctuary on the RE Information board. All children participating must turn in a signed permission form prior to leaving for the shelter. 

Please be aware: we will be going in ONE group to the shelter, so all who wish to participate MUST come to the 9:00 service, or meet us in the cottage NO LATER THAN 9:30. 

Would you like to go along with us and help supervise?  We need at least three more adults to participate.  There will also be an alternate activity offered at UUCCSM for those who do not go on the trip, and we could use one or two more helpers for that project as well.

PLEASE contact Kathleen  to let me know if your child/children will participate in the trip, and if you can help provide some of the food items.  It is very important that we have an accurate count of participants ahead of time, as well as a sense of what food items will be contributed to we know what we’ll need to get to complete the list.  




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Kathleen Hogue
Kathleen Hogue