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Humanist Voices
Humanism is the progressive philosophy of life guided by reason and compassion that, without the supernatural and beyond questions of the divine, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of meaning and purpose that aspire to the greater good of humanity and our planet. The group that convened to read and discuss “Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism” will continue on an ongoing basis to explore related work by some of the same essayists who contributed to the book, along with other writers illuminating places and paths where Humanism and Unitarian Universalism converge. As with our original group, we will put an emphasis on personal connections along our own journeys. All are welcome, and outside reading is not required.
This month we will read and discuss "The Church of What We Know," a thoughtful and provocative guest sermon by beloved UU songwriter Peter Mayer ("Blue Boat Home") which was delivered to a congregation in San Diego in 2017.
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James Witker