Adult R/E - Canticle to Cosmos video

Canticle to the Cosmos

A scientific and spiritual odyssey through the evolutionary origins of the universe, life, and humanity. We will view and discuss this 12-part video course by cosmologist and religious naturalist Brian Swimme, who seeks to provide people with a scientific *and* sacred understanding of cosmic origins, divine creativity, and an ecological consciousness urgently needed in our time. In his book, “The Universe Is a Green Dragon,” Swimme writes, “Our ancestry stretches back through the life forms and into the stars, back to the beginnings of the primeval fireball. This universe is a single multiform energetic unfolding of matter, mind, intelligence and life. None of the great figures of human history were aware of this, not Plato or Aristotle, or the Hebrew Prophets, or Confucius… We are the first generation to live with an empirical view of the origin of the universe… to look into the night sky and see the birth of the cosmos as a whole. Our future as a species will be forged within this new story of the world.”

Every Sunday starting February 5, 4–6 pm, in Forbes Hall except February 12, March 12, and April 9 when it will be held in the Cottage.

Facilitator: James Witker, contact:


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Repeats every week every Sunday until Sun Mar 26 2017 except Sun Feb 12 2017, Sun Feb 26 2017, Sun Mar 12 2017, Sun Mar 19 2017, Sun Apr 02 2017, Sun Apr 09 2017, Sun May 07 2017, Sun May 14 2017.
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James Witker