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Last Hours of Life: It's All About Love








It’s all about love. Be inspired and uplifted, as you learn to guide another through the last hours of dying, to reassure, and make safe the passage. Receive a variety of ideas to draw upon that you may be at the bedside with deep respect and love.

Friday evening there will be a talk and small group discussion. Gain comfort and ease to be there for another through interactive, hands-on experience and sharing at the workshop on Saturday .

Most of us will have this powerful opportunity to be present for someone at the transitional moment of death. Having skills and understanding to apply at that time helps everyone involved.

We invite you to one or both of this two-part event presented by Beth Rendeiro and Cassandra Christenson, who is an RN in transitional nursing.

Friday, October 27,7-9pm RSVP here:

Suggested Donation for Friday: $5 (No one turned away)

Saturday October 28, 10-4pm RSVP Here:

Suggested Donation for Saturday: $25 (No one turned away)

Childcare is available without charge with prior request, Parking availabe on Friday, October 27th at the UCLA Structure located at 1311 16th Street (Tell them you are attending an event at the UU Church of Santa Monica)

More information: Cassandra and Beth will take your through this evening of inspiring, reassuring exploration of what to do and say to gentle another through the process of letting go. Come be with us in sacred space, learn of this profound, often tedious, and extraordinary time of life that you and the one dying, need not be alone.

In the morning we will gather in a circle of 12 to find our own personal way to be there for another.  Begin to heal, be encouraged.  Bring your journals, and book of blank paper, two favorite markers to write with, and food to share for lunch. Pizza will be ordered.

Together we will create a warm, loving environment to more fully understand what we personally would wish to do for someone we love at one of their most times of life. 



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