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Transforming the Inner Critic
With Bev Shoenberger & Norman Richey, Saturday, 8/11 from 1 to 4 pm
Location:  Bev & Norm's home in Santa Monica
Please pre-register at 424-235-9002 or at the RE table
In our culture, many of us often blame and shame ourselves in ways that we would never openly do to someone else. 
We can be so used to the self-doubt and self-criticism that it seems like the truth, or that we deserve it.  Maybe we believe that the inner critic is what keeps us “in line” and safe from being shamed by others. Maybe we think we need the critical voice to stay motivated. Maybe we project it onto others and imagine it is their criticism that is solely responsible for our suffering.
In this introduction, we will be looking directly at our Inner Critic and learning to discriminate it from our deepest inner truth.  Taking this workshop could be a first step in turning these judgmental voices into allies.
Imagine the light that could come into our community and the world, if we could live more fully, without being undermined by self-criticism or self-doubt!  
You are warmly invited to join us for this afternoon of exploration and growth. We are meeting in our home because of parking difficulties at the church during that time slot. Let us know when you register if you will be needing a ride from the church - we are nearby.
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Norman Richey
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