Nature Journaling with Dorothy Steinicke - Zoom/Online

A lifelong lover of the outdoors, Dorothy has more than twenty years experience leading hikes for children and for adults and introducing people to different aspects of nature in Topanga Canyon, Ballona Wetlands and Dockweiler Beach.  She surveys beaches for the Audubon Society looking for endangered beach birds.  She has been involved in programs that document amphibians in local creeks and has been involved in programs to monitor turtle populations.

We will have a brief discussion of how important natural places have been to us.  We will then engage in some exercises using writing and drawing to more closely observe natural items.  I will address the anxiety that the majority of people feel about drawing.  We will take time to work individually and then share, not necessarily what we have done-although that will be welcome, but what insights we gained from making our observations.  We will start with brief times of observation and then gradually extend them.  I have designed this so that it can be done by people who do not currently have access to the outdoors.

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