RRT - Covenant Workshop

On Sunday, October 14th, from 12.45-4pm, the Right Relations Team and Support will hold our third Covenant Workshop in the Sanctuary and Forbes Hall.  During past workshops, you identified the commitments you found meaningful, which formed the basis of the Congregational Covenant of Right Relations, and subsequently practiced how to self-regulate when angered, how to connect and listen deeply, and how to unearth the unmet needs that drive conflict.  Our upcoming workshop addresses how we live out our covenantal commitments, focusing on the first two sections of the Congregational Covenant:  Caring and Compassion, and Communication.  As before, the workshop will be highly interactive and practical, and it will include special guest speakers from other church committees.  
Please sign up at the Right Relations Table after either service, or contact us on-line through rightrelations@uusm.org. 
Walk-ins are welcome.  Snacks will be available.
Team:  Sue Stoyanoff & Vilma Ortiz, co-chairs; Cassie Winters, Linda van Ligten, Aubrey Sassoon, Alicia MacLennan & Audrey Lyness      
Support:  Steve and Sylvia Young, Patricia Wright, Nalani Santiago, Beth Rendeiro, Margot Page, Alice Koga & Cindy Kelly                                      
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Audrey Lyness